Hallo Graeme. Ah'm a forst time visitor, and I'm a little bit norvors

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Alreet matey. Thought I'd check out your personal web page to track your travels across the southern oceans. You should hoy up the pics from the Aussie NUFC bash :-) When you back hyem away from the criminal tendencies of Australia? Did you get to Cairns? What did you think of the place? Can I make it four questions in a row? Obviously. Damn...was on for five there

Yes I'm bored at work. For info, there's been some sort of meterological mix up in the UK. The last 2 bank holiday weekends have been lush weather - even today is sunny, bit breezy but warm. Gav sends his love. Actually, it's rather more substantive than that, but this is a public forum and I wouldn't want to embarass you... ;-)

I'm off to drink cheap coffee and insult someone. Be good. Howay the bonny Lads :-)

-- Bobby (rdooley@londondeanery.ac.uk), May 29, 2001


Aussie Pretext

Do I have to do that here as well as the BBS? :-)

-- Bobby (rdooley@londondeanery.ac.uk), May 29, 2001.

Divven't fret wor bobby - you don't need to to do nowt like that to post heor....

having a cracking auld time of it. Did indeed get to Cairns and really enjoyed it - especially the diving. Three days on a boat out on the barrier reef in the scorching sun is not to be sniffed at now is it? Didn't you go there on yer honeymoon? When are you moving to Wark? Or is that just your 'country cottage'? ooooh, more questions...

I'm in South Island NZ now for a while and will be travelling around - off to Dunedin the day after tomorrow and i'm supposed to be meeting Screacher's lad for a beer at some point but he's gone missing... mebbes he'll turn up tomorrow...

Will definitely post the pics of the Sydney Mags etc up on the website once i get a chance [nee laptop means no update and no desperately needed redesigning] Still can't have everything can yer?

Gav sending his regards eh? You have to watch out for them lads from Washinton y'knaa?! I just feel sorry for you and dan. Still, at least the season's ended eh? Have you seen much of Susie Brown Ale? Keep meaning to email her but just never get round to it...

Keep the Faith...

-- graeme (graeme@mac.com), May 30, 2001.

House move is teetering on the brink of contracts signing and completion. Never will I ever buy or sell a house again. I'm going to have to win the lottery and have a series of purchases the length of the country. Naturally when (not if) I'm ensconced in the bosom of the motherland I will invite friends along for a beer. You can come too if you want.

Haven't seen any BBSers 'cept for Andy (Scratchy) and Bill (True) for a while. Susie keeps in touch via email, but I'm sure the sunny weather and impending hols will bring a get-together together.

Jealous as f**k Pleased to hear you're living it up in the Antipodes. Give Screacher's son a hefty spam from all the BBS :-)


-- Bobby (rdooley@londondeanery.ac.uk), May 31, 2001.

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