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Movers, shakers from politics, business go Bohemian: Annual Sonoma fete draws Bushes, Kissinger, Powell, Gingrich

Now I will admit a good portion of the information provided from some of these links is biased and highly suspect as to accuracy. However, this Group exists, this much I am certain.

Maybe nothing all this. I personally doubt it though. Naysayers exist, but I find their explanations shallow at best.

What in the hell are these men doing up in the freaking woods each year? Just "getting away from it all"?

-- Doc Paulie (, May 28, 2001


How bout just asking them Doc? Usually saves a lot of second guessing. Oh, nevermind. Forgot your stock in trade.

-- Carlos (, May 30, 2001.

Funny Carlos...

Seriously, what are they doing up there?

Here Carlos, try this page..http://www

Click the links there and understand where these are served from (Lawrence Livermore Laboratories). Pay particular attention to the last link. It is of Earl Warren and some others under the freaking OWL. The structure behind them is the concrete Owl. Probably 100 or so feet high this "whatever". You will also note a smaller owl type of bowl called the "Lamp of Fellowship" supposedly.

The club mixes extended bouts of eating and drinking with “artistic” pursuits—staging plays written and performed by members—along with mock “pagan” rituals. The annual gathering starts with the “Cremation of Care” ritual, the burning of an effigy of the club's mascot as members stand chanting in their red-hooded robes before the base of a 40-foot stone owl altar. "The Bohemian Grove club: America's ruling elite at work and play", and yes I understand this is from a Socialist organization. However they are not alone in reporting this.

Here are some sample video clips from a smuggled tape being sold of the Owl ceremony. One Debunker of this Bohemian Grove mystery claims these videos are "staged". I find it hard to swallow some small time conspiracy website could even gather the number of folks I see in them videos.

Here is another Debunker of BG.

-- Doc Paulie (, May 30, 2001.

Some claim the video is a hoax, really. You tell me, could Alex Jones, gather that many folks (see photo) and stage this? BTW, this fellow Jones is from the Right Patriot movement. This Bohemian Grove deal involves mostly Republicans. So much for this being a Lefty Hoax Conspiracy.

I think this stuff critical. I think the usual political jabber pretty lame. The "who won Florida" wars etc. What difference does it really make? who won? THEY win no matter which dolt us nobodys decide is the lesser of the Evils. Big freaking CON game is what it is.

I think it is time all of us(right/left/center) began asking the BIG questions. Just who in the hell are these people running the world? Who are these CEOs who are worth 200million dollars a year for doing basically zero. Same jerks who sit on the same boards of all these corps. Guys who meet in the woods and burn offerings to stautes of Owls. Who are these people?

Same faces over and over again. I think this B-G info says they are majorly fucked in the coconut. Evil in fact. I think these types live to fuck people. I think the Book was right, they live.

Why does every Prez have to go to Camp David every chance they get? What goes on there? more owls? more homo-pagan-theater?

Call this insane. They want this to be viewed as insane. However the evidence exists to say otherwise. Look at Politics, is that NOT insane? course it is. Circlejerkers inc.

I think we need to ask questions like...Where is Al Gore? Why no interviews? Where is Bill? Why is Dubya's foreign policy almost a carbon copy of Clinton's? Time for the few still awake to stop the bickering over nothing, and start asking the big questions.

-- Doc Paulie (, May 30, 2001.

Seems the Doomzies have discovered Bohemian Grove... bin/tb2k/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=1&t=001454

Wait til they discovered it is a RightWinger Boy Scout camp! Hahahahaa.

-- Doc Paulie (, June 18, 2001.

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