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Would like to know anything about this rock, I saw it on an old map of 1894, and I know it existed to the 1920ies. Its location was east of the Life Saving Station, close to Crissy Field not far from the shore. This was not Shag Rock! Any clues or pictures, anyone?

Thanx for help!

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, May 28, 2001


The rock is still there and is used a lot on navigating for yacht races. Here are a few sites that turned up on a search tht might be interesting: California; revoking the EO of July 27, 1877; reserving Anita Rock for lighthouse purposes. 23 FR 8982 Yacht race rules: "All San Francisco County rocks, including Anita Rock, Mile Rock, and the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge are restricted and must be left to the South. Yachts must not interfere with large commercial vessels, naval vessels or tugs and their tows." What's happening/has happened to Crissy Field geologically.

-- Rosa Debonneheure (, August 05, 2001.

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