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I have an F-1N and a spare focus screen,but when I went to fit it ,it was a different size,the caseing is larger so can I take the glass out of one and put it into the other, does anyone know if it will fit, the spare is an L-E for F-1 ANY ONE HELP Thanks

-- john Lightfoot (, May 27, 2001


Well, I wouldn't do it for the following reasons:

1.) TTL metering will not work. The old F-1 used a physically different scheme than the new one.

2.) It might be difficult to set the modified screen at the correct height in the body so focus will likely be off a bit.

Otherwise it should work. The screens are very close to the same size. I've been adapting various lenses to various cameras because I couldn't find what I wanted. With a bit of care just about antthing can be done.



-- Duane K (, May 28, 2001.

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