I need to know the symbolism for Edgar Allan Poes' Dreamland?

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I have to turn in a paper and i need to know the symbolism for the poem "Dreamland" by Edgar Allan Poe. Please help me out..Thanks

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2001


There is an article attributed(not sure) to Poe about dreams that seems to explain his philosophy of that state. The Soul can wander or exist in the spiritual realm and meet "sheeted memories"(Ulalume) or ghosts. Under his theory the mind bridges the domain of body and soul. the mind is the border, but is bound to forget or not see vlearly because of its bodily character, the things the soul reveals in the dream journey. As to the dread of haunting and the light and noise study his other poems for the same broad themes at you will get the feeling Poe is trying to convey if not an explicit theology. feel it first, then place it in Poe's real world, his mind's world and the hereafter into which his loved ones have preceded him. In this dream you see boundless chaos adn complete stillness that tells you ou are immersed in the world beyond, still a dark ocean to cross before Heaven can be attained. Peaceful, yet obscure and in this poem at least no guiding beacon of light. Just as well he is just a visitor!

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2001

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