What happens at the Bishops Counsel?

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Since I am new to the denomination could you share with me what happens at the Bishop's Counsel. Who can attend beside the Bishops, have you ever gone and what were your impressions. Thanks everyone!

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2001


Nothing. Bishops eat, meet and greet. Pastors hobby in the lobby. Lay folk sit till they have a fit.

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2001

The Bishops Council and General Board meeting is the instument by which the church operates in the interim of the Genral Conference. The Bishops meet in closed session but they are required to give a report of their actions to the general body. The General Board is the place where the various commissions of the church meet and give their reports. Each bishop chairs a commission.

The General Board is also where the bishop who rotates into the presidency of the Bishops council is sworn in.

It is a very busy time for those of us on the West coast because we are hosting the meeting. We were also the host of the council proir to the General conference.

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2001

I forgot to write that the General Board is usually attended by those who have been elected to serve from each district and by those who are interested in the work of the connectional church. It is an open meeting

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2001

What makes impossible for the districts outside of the US to host the Council of Bishops and the General Board? I can understand, to some degree, the rationale making it difficult to have other districts outside of those in the US, especially Districts in Africa, to host the General Conference. Among others the numbers of persons attending the G Conference in relation to the costs tied up to that, make it cumbersome. But, I still do have heard anyone related the rationale for not bringing such important meetings to the parts of the connection which has been excluded for a long while.

One thing very certain, is that, there are facilities rated among world class in Africa. In fact, South Africa is hosting two important international conferences of the United Nations (it has done so before) - the World Conference Against Racism and the World Summit on Sustainable Development. In addition to the availability of facilities, there are people who have the ability to coordinate and ensure for successful events taking place not only outside of the church but also among the saints in the church.

But more important, for me and many here and elsewhere, such a events are important in building the economies of the developing world, whose majority citizenry is black. In South Africa, for instance, it is reported eight tourists coming into the country create one employment.

The importance of districts outside of the US sharing the responsibility of hosting these Church events is not only about members of the Church selfishily demanding a slice in the running of the Church. But, it is also about the Church making its solidarity with the struggles of the people of the developing countries, by contributing in building their economies for a better life.

Are there people wishing to take this matter up, even as the General board and the Council of Bishops takes places in the coming weeks?

Blessings and peace,

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2001

In brief, the General board and Bishop's Council if you are not on a committee or giving a report is to meet, eat, and greet. To see and be seen. if the truth is told that is one reason why they started having General Board meetings at the Bishop's Council, because the leading Preachers were coming standing around anyway so you might as well have some info for them to take back. It is a great networking tool, if you are interested in the politics of the church.

-- Anonymous, June 19, 2001

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