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I found a this lens somewhere by accident, and for no money, so I yest took it.

on the top it sais, "G. rodenstock München, doppel anastigmat, Eurynar, 13.5cm 1:6.8f N° 99823"

as far as I have been looking on this forum I see that this lens is build befor 1920. and this lens has only 2 elements, and in PERFECT shape!! the only problem is that the shutter is a bit slow, (100 -> 1, and B and T)

I have several questions: - is there a place in Belgium, Europe?) where I can go and fix it? or is there a way that I could sheck or help it to get back to the old speed? - does anyone has any experience with this lens? - does this lens has a cauting? - what does doppel anastigmat stands for? - " " Eurynar stands for??

Could someone tell me if this forum has a searche engine?

thanks for answering my questions,

-- Stijn (, May 27, 2001


Rodenstock is in Munich.

Any camera repairman can CLA a shutter

-- Bob Salomon (, May 27, 2001.


your Eurynar is a 4 lenses / 4 element system like the old Gerz Celor or the newer Kodak WF-Ektar. Sure it isn't coated and will have some flare under certain circumstances. Doppel-Anastigmat means that it is a symmetrical construction and the astigmatism is well corrected. In older times the single elemnts of such lenses were used seperate also, but qualitiy wouldn't be so good. It should be a decent performer, so enjoy it!


-- Thomas Vaehrmann (, May 28, 2001.

I have the 135mm F/4.5 Rodestock Eurynar in a Dial Set Compur. At wide apertures, say F/4.5-F/8, it outperforms my same vintage Tessars, but from F/11 on down the only thing to choose between the two is contrast, with the nod going to the Tessars with two less air- glass reflections.

-- Guy Ulrich (, June 01, 2001.

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