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I have been reading the Bulletin Board and have noticed that many wish to make direct financial contributions to AME congregations overseas. I have listed several AME congregations that I have been assisting from time to time . Many of our congregations yet have incomplete church and school structures that need your assistance badly. I have made notations of a few of these. They are listed by countries, rather than Episcopal Districts, so that for those of you who have some affinity for a particular country or culture, you may have your choice.

Apart from your congregations assisting a few of these from time to time, I think that, as one writer put it, we as a community could pool our resources and build an AME Church building in either Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA; Nairobi, KENYA; Montego Bay or Ocho Rios, JAMAICA; Amsterdam, HOLLAND; Lagos, NIGERIA; or Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL. I named those because they are the growing, metropolitan places around the world whereby we have small congregations but no CHURCH BUILDING. Let's think about it for a few days and come up with one BIG PROJECT, along with the ones we will partner with, and contribute financially so that we may complete a church building. We are talking about less than $60,000.00 U. S. for a Basic Structure and I see pledges and gift now pouring in as we think of God's gifts of grace and mercy in our lives. We could hve a 6 months rally, whereby we could send the funds to one of our Bulletin Board regular contributors like Bro. Matthew or Bro. Payne or others, and they could post the amount of pledges weekly sent to them and the balance we need. I would be the first to pledge although I am now working to complete another AME Church Building overseas.

Let's pray about this and come up with ONE UNIFIED BUILDING PROJECT that we wish to complete as a collective body. Please post your responses so that we can come together quickly and do the Lord's work. "The field is ripe unto the harvest, but the laborers are few."

Here are a list of AME Churches Overseas; choose one or two, write to them and pray for them often, and be generous to them; not just your congregations but from your personal funds as well.

When sending funds overseas, you may send them via U. S. Postal Service; place at least 3 thirty-four cents stamps on the envelopes, and you may send the funds via personal checks or money orders. It will take from 10-14 days for them to receive the mail and another 4-6 weeks for the funds to clear the overseas banks, but it will be well worth the effort. Let me hear from you soon and of your plans as well to adopt one or more of the congregations below.

Charles Stinson

Bethel AME Church c/o Rev. Saturnio Valero de la Cruz Ma Trinidad Sanchez #12 Samana,DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

Bethel AME Church c/o Rev. Sam A. Chetram 75 Gouverneur Street Nieuw Nickerie, SURINAME (South America)

Ebenezer AME Church c/ Rev. Uklyn Hendricks Lot 2, Providence East Bank, Demerara GUYANA (South America)

Hickman AME Church GRENADA, c/o Rev. Anthony Paris, P. E. 1st Avenue East Terrace St. Michael, BARBADOS (West Indies)

Sealy Memorial AME Church c/o Mrs. Cheryl Sealy #25 Phillips Road, Pine Lana St. Michael, BARBADOS (West Indies)

TRINIDAD AME CHURCHES c/o Dr. Fleming Joseph, P. E. 2 Ferrarie Street San Juan, TRINIDAD

Grady Memorial AME Church c/o Rev. Jocelyn Dowdie P. O. Box 2059 Kinghill, St. Croix, VIRGIN ISLANDS USA 00851

Richard Allen AME Church c/o Rev. Rudolph Aaron 104-A Harlington Road West Felton Middlesex, TW14011 ENGLAND

Eglise St. Paul AME (Church) c/o Rev. Benoit Pacifique Rue Lodovic Briere #20 Port-au-Prince, HAITI (West Indies)

Emmanuel AME Church (School and Church needds a Building) c/o Rev. Lenford Newell Lot 476, Carlton Crescent Portmore, St. Catherine JAMAICA (West Indies)

Sims Chapel AME Church c/o Rev. Noah Nyamaropa Box 6517 Harare, ZIMBABWE (Central Africa)

Ball's Tabernacle AME Church c/o Rev. Elizabeth Siwela 40 Tewksbury Road Montrose, Bulawayo, ZIMBABWE, Central Africa

SOS _ Needs Help Badly to complete Church Building after 8 years of construction. Bethel AME Church Attn: Mrs. Catherine Mumba c/o Mrs. Suzanne Matale P. O. Box 31518 Lusaka, ZAMBIA (Central Africa)

AME Churches of Malawai Rev. J. H. Chozale, P. E. P. O. Box 29 Kasungu, MALAWAI (Central Africa)

AME Churches of Malawi Mrs. M. N. Banda, Field Worker P. O. Box 200 Salima, Malawai (Central Africa)

AME Churches of Zambia Rev. W. L. Membe, P. E. P. O. Box 184 Isoka, Zambia (Central Africa)

AME Churches of Tanzania c/o Rev. W. L. Membe. P. E. P. O. Box 184 Izoka, Zambia (Central Africa)

AME Churches of Zimbabwe Mrs. Edie Dhlamini, Field Worker 11 - 6th Avenue Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (A diligent and faithful Missionary)

A very honest and sacrificial leader. AME Churches of South Africa (Transvaal, Natal Areas) Dr. Moses D. Phethlhu, P. E. and Administrative Assistant P. O. Box 4028 Lesedi, Republic of South Africa

A very honest and sacrificial leader AME Churches of South Africa (Cape Area) Dr. G. D. Van Stavel Zion AME Church P. O. Box 865 Worcester 4850, South Africa

AME Churches of Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Rev. Shadrach Adamptey, P. E. 01 - BP 4764 Abidjan, COTE D'IVOIRE (West Africa)

AME Churches of Nigeria Dr. Joesph Fadehan, P. E. P. O. Box 1350 Osun State Ile Ife, NIGERIA (West Africa)

AME Churches of Nigeria Dr. R. Amos Anibaba, P. E. P. O. Box 21108 Logos State Agege, NIGERIA

A great work in progress!!! Bethel AME Church Rev. Collier Coleman, Pastor P. O. Box 1336 - Kaneshie Accra, GHANA (West Africa)

AME Churches of Ghana Bro. John K. Abbey P. O. Box St. 165 Kumasi, GHANA (West Africa)

AME Churches of Ghana Rev. Anthony A. Amponsah,P. E. P. O. Box 0619 Takoradi, GHANA (West Africa)

AME Churches of Ghana Sis. Adelaide Stephens, Field Wrkr P. O. Box 545 Sekondi, GHANA (West Africa)

AME Churches of Liberia Dr. E. Topo Johnson P. O. Box 3340 Monrovia, LIBERIA (West Africa)

AME Churches of Liberia Dr. G. Franklin Holt, P. E. P. O. Box 88 Monrovia, LIBERIA (West Africa)

AME Churches of Sierra Leone Rev. Frank B. Vincent, P. E. c/o New Zion AME Church 41 Pademba Road Freetown, SIERRA LEONE (West Africa)

AME Churches of Angola c/o David Ngomba P. O. Box 2904 Luanda, ANGOLA (AFRICA)

AME Churches of Botswana Mrs. Sarah Matlhare, Field Worker P. O. Box 222 Jwaneng, BOTSWANA (Southern Africa)

AME Churches of Botswana Mpho Benjamin Moruakgomo P/Bag BO - 132 Gabarone, BOTSWANA (Southern Africa)

AME Churches of Swaziland Rev. Solomon J. Nxumalo P. O. Box A 28 Swazi Plaza Mbabane, SWAZILAND (Southern Africa)

AME Churches of Swaziland Lucky M. Mathunjwa, Field Wrkr Box 1345 Manzini, SWAZILAND (Southern Africa)

AME Churches of Mozambique Rev. Vasco Paulo Tui, P. E. Caiza Postal Number 1577 Maputo, MOZAMBIQUE (East Africa)

AME Churches of Mozambique Rev. Pedro Muhate, P. E. Caiza Postal Number 11 Mandlakaze, MOZAMBIQUE (East Africa)

AME Churches of Lesotho Rev. L. L. Motselebane, P. E. P. O. Box 803 Mafateng 900, LESOTHO (Southern Africa)

AME Churches of Lesotho Rev. M. M. Mofo, P. E. P. O. Box 138 Maseru 100, LESOTHO (Southern Africa)

AME Churches of Lestoho Rev. Manase Taelo Machefu P. O. Box 65 Butha Buthe 400 LESOTHO (Southern Africa)

AME Churches of Lesotho Mrs. Lysbeth Rakolobe, Field Wkr Tebellong Hospital P. O. Box Sehapis Store Qachas Nek 608, LESOTHO (Southern Africa)

AME Churches of Namibia Rev. A. Biwa P. O. Box 798 Keetmanshoop, NAMIBIA (Southwestern Africa)

AME Churches of Namibia Rev. Dr. H. Witbooi P.O. Box 20993 Windhoek, NAMIBIA (Southwestern Africa)

AME Churches of LIBERIA Mrs. Elaine Wilson, Field Worker P. O. Box 161 MONROVIA, Liberia, West Africa

Attempting to erect a church building; currently no facilities New Bethel AME Church c/o Sis, Faith Maycock P. O. Box N3837 Nassau, BAHAMAS

AME Churches of CANADA Rev. Lloyd O. Jenkins, P. E. 1790 Pierre Avenue Windsor, N8W 216 Ontario, CANADA

AME Churches of BERMUDA Rev. Malcolm Eve, P. E. P. O. Box FFL 631 Flats, FLBX BERMUDA

(no church building) AME Churches of Holland (Europe) Rev. J. Ngubane, P. E. Pinksterbloem 56 2352AT, Leidrop HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS

AME Churches of HAITI Mrs. Elvire Douglas, Missionary c/o WVHMFI P. O. Box 15665 West Palm Beach, FL 33416 (She lives in Haiti but mail is sent to her daily through this address)

AME Churches of DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Ms. Julia K. de Alcala, Missionary Central Lucerna #20 Santo Domingo, (Carretara Mella) DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (West Indies)

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2001


Bro. Stinson:

I wish to complilment you on providing this list of overseas churches. Thank you for taking the lead in moving the discussion from diagnosis to appropriate action. Your thoughfulness undoutedly will be a blessing to some family and I'm convinced that God is pleased with your post. Many Thanks. QED

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2001

I forgot to change the cookie so that the correct email address will appear. The above of course is the correct address.

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2001

Namibia is one of the areas that are confused largely with South Africa, since it was part of South Africa under the colonial rule until 1990. Today Namibia is an independent and souvereign state with very complex dynamics as far as economic growth is concerned. Namibia too needs to be considered as a pole of growth as it is located in the middle among Angola, Botswana, and South Africa. Considering that the proposed Twentieth District may comprise of Angola, Namibia and Botswana the greater AME church should start to look at developing the churches in Namibia more especially at the Capital and at the areas bordering to Angola and Botswana. Rev. A. Eberhardt Biwa Windhoek, Namibia

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2001

Rev. Biwa, the work that you and Rev. Hanse is very hard work in Namibia, could you please add the names and contact persons for the church's in Namibia to this discussion. And please include your church and Purity. The unemployment rate is very high and their is a great need in Namibia.

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2001

Thank you all for the many responses to my inquiry concerning our Church partnering with a congregation in Africa. The responses, both those sent by way of this dicussion board as well as those that were sent to me directly via E-Mail are greatly appreciated and ALL(as in every single one) will recieve serious and prayerful consideration. The process of consideration I believe can itself be a learning experience for the people of Quinn. I envision this becoming a project led by our WMS, utiling a porton of our benevolent/missions offering each month. Our YPD could then be assigned the task of doing research on each of the Churches who have responded, presenting the information on each on an ongoing basis, to the Quinn Church Family as a part of our Sunday Morning Worship Services. After we have done a presentation on all of the Churches, a decision will be made as to which one we will offically partner with. In the meantime, on the Sunday each Church is presented, we will send a love gift to that congregation. I should hasten to say that so far this is my vision as a Pastor only. I have not shared it with our lay leadership but I am not at all concerned. I do not believe that the Holy Spirit would so impress me with a need if He did not plan to give confirmation of the need and the pastor's vision those in leadership with him. I shall begin the process of discussion and planning immediately. If the People of Quinn have learned anything over the past five years, it is that The Lord blesses His people when they demonstrate an open hand and an open heart and who are willing to bless others. In the Joy of Jesus, pastor mike

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2001

There are a couple of Namibian AME Churches listed under netministries online, and I would advise anybody interested in partnering a Namibian AME Church to pay a visit to

You canm visit the Purity AME Church at


-- Anonymous, May 30, 2001

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