Poe and Virginia

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When Poe pleaded with Maria Clemm not to send Virginia to live with Neilson Poe, why did she change her mind? Was it because he pleaded? Or did she leave it to Virginia to make the decision to go or not to go? And why did Virginia agree to marry him if she was as young as 12? Girls that age don't really know if they're in love or not.

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2001


Poe, thinking it would be Royster all over again with relatives keeping his love from him forever, threatened suicide etc. Virginia WAS very much in love with him and no doubt was instrumental in sealing the marriage. By all accounts she was very mature, happy and constant throughout the relationship. Mrs. Clemm was always subject to goodwill arguments and sincerely loved Poe as a mother. Details? Try a good biography. Perhaps www.eapoe.org can help.

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2001

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