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-- Anonymous, May 25, 2001


Hey guys, I'm auditioning for anything goes, and i wanted to try out for the part of Bonnie, Now I have never seen the show, but I have the cd. I'm wondering if anyone knows wat song I should sing for my audition. I really need some help on this one guys, so write back to me as soon as possible!! Thanx!! XoXo

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2001

Who is all goin 2 the summerstage auditions on the 18th?? i am... but i wanna kno who else is... thankx

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2001

Can someone let me know what kind of music I should prepare for the 'in concert' audition?

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2001

Preparing something fromt he show is preferable.

-- Anonymous, October 15, 2001

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