what are some unkown or interesting facts of about poe?

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what are unkown facts or facts that are very unusual or interesting about poe?

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2001


The last unknown fact was a code Poe left that was recently solved(with aid of a computer!) apparently of a random text from someone else's fiction(still unknown?). Quite an accomplishment since the printing of the puzzle challenge was greatly botched. Of little known facts, because no one reads everything we haveabout this private individual the unexpected(different than the "dark legend") include: athletic Poe swimming the James River, loved jumping, cats, gardening, any new sciences or theories, championed scientific expeditions to the Antarctic,a witty joker, brown not black hair and not as miserable as in his last photos when he looked the emotional wreck he temporarily was. Broke many of his own rules and for a merciless critic was very self-defensive. Was NOT a dope fiend, necrophiliac, depraved madman or lifelong drunk. Boosted the sales of magazines with critical controversy and special features(for which he was poorly paid). The Raven netted $15- the most popular poem in America. Only profited from taking his popular readings on tour. Not obsessed with the gothic. He just did it better and differently. His humor mostly bombed so we don't see it in print much. He wrote a lot of criticism and theory invaluable for the history of our literature. Was not much into the supernatural except for reaching toward elusive ideals and beauty. preferred hard science and real world success for which his social skills were not quite in step. A genius behind each story- and still the emotions of an ordinary man. Despite the centrality of mood in his art, each work is very studied and literary. If any of this is different from the Poe you know get a good biography and refer to www.eapoe.org.

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2001

I heard the last thing he ate before he died was brocolli.

-- Anonymous, August 31, 2001

Actually, the last thing he ate (or more accurately drank) was beef tea, at least according to Dr. Moran.

-- Anonymous, September 01, 2001

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