"How can I convert a .AVI file into .DAT file ?

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I am a novice...please help me to make a VCD from MPEG files. I wonder what is a DAT file. Is it really a MPEG file? How a MPEG file can be converted into .DAT file. I have a HP 8200 CD Writer and I use the ADAPTEC Software coming along with it. I did not see any option in it leading to making VCDs. When I explored VCDs, I used to see several folders apart from the MPGAV folder. How are they created? Or will the VCD Creating software itself will do the job? WHICH IS THE FREEWARE THAT I CAN MAKE A VCD OUT OF MPEG FILES, so that I can play it on my JVC VCD player ? Please guide me.

-- Adv. Ranjith Xavier (ranjithxavier@hotmail.com), May 25, 2001


go to www.vcdhelp.com you will find several programs to convert all sorts of files into dat (vcd)

-- Chainsaw_Charlie (unholy_terror_@btinternet.com), July 17, 2001.

If you have Roxio Easy CD creator, it does all the work for you in converting to vcd from Mpeg.

-- Lila Dupont (sexil@hotmail.com), August 07, 2001.

i am a use dvmpeg soft ware convert my avi to mpg format

-- hitesh gajjar (gajjar_hit@yahoo.com), September 26, 2001.

VCD Imager GUI will convert your mpg/avi files to dat in order to burn to vcd using Nero. Too easy.

-- Kempy (corey@kemptech.zzn.com), December 05, 2001.

For help in making these and any other video format conversions, go to vcdhelp.com. Reading is fundamental. Just go. No whining. Go.

-- Jambo (jambo@hotmail.com), March 19, 2002.

download VCDEasy =) www.download.com

-- --- (flamer@netcabo.pt), July 02, 2002.

A nice site with information about how to convert those .dat files of kazaa to avi is http://www.divx-digest.com/software/divfix.html The divxfix repairs the dat file, so you can see it on the windows media player or other software.

-- lionheart-bra (nelpint@urbi.com.br), August 03, 2002.

Like the man says, the best site I have visited re: converting from .avi to .mpg for vcd players, is www.vcdhelp.com. Go and look there.

-- steve (steveashton@ntlworld.com), August 11, 2002.

If any body want to convert DAT file to mpg format. I will suggest him first of all Install VCD CUTTER version 4.0 and then mail me at :suneelnp@yahoo.com OR suneelnp@programmer.net then I will send him a code for FREE registration, and there is also a QUERY that is : I want to know did any body has knowledge about "How to convert DAT or MPG into avi format..... pls mail me.........answer. Sunny(MCS)

-- Suneel Kumar Panjwani (suneelnp@yahoo.com), August 24, 2002.

Since this question was raised several months agao, defently a person would have found an answer for the same. If yes, plz post it in the same site so as to help others. I just started digging into this convertion. I was trying to get my video from camcorder to PC and was successful partly. I am able to control my camcorder using IEEE 1394 firewire, but was able to store them as .avi file. I am now in search of format conversion so as to make it as a VCD. BYe

-- Mohan Sundar (smohansundar@india.com), November 14, 2002.

I have a great problem i use pinnacle sys tv tunner card and i have record a lot of things and the record file type is .AVI. this file size is too large i want to reduce that size like in mp3 and .dat files plz reply me as soon as possible THANKS IN ANTICIPATION

-- Affan (affanjaved@hotmail.com), November 28, 2002.

WinMPG converts any file format to avi, and avi to mpeg. There are many programmes available for converting mpeg into DAT.

-- Matt (snow_blader_1985@hotmail.com), December 20, 2002.

I found that the link http://www.divx-digest.com/software/divfix.html worked an absolute treat,

that is for altering .dat to a readable file from a divx player. It still remains a .dat but can be read.

-- elf star (alice@wonderland.org), January 14, 2003.

Dear, U should install Nero Burn Software it is the best 4 making Video CDs. It will automatically convery MPEG files into DAT Files, finally u can run that burned CD on VCD player also..... If u have any query regarding this u can mail me at: suneelnp@yahoo.com

Regards, Suneel

-- Suneelsa Panjwani (suneelnp@yahoo.com), March 04, 2004.

How do you convert a folder with all the files included (including video, sound, and text files) into a single dat file? If there is a program I would greatly appreciate if someone could point me to one. But it is necessary to convert the entire directory into a .dat, folders and all.

-- (Evasivewhale@yahoo.com), June 30, 2004.

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