"Can I convert a MPEG file into .DAT file ?

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I am a novice...please help me to make a VCD from MPEG files. I wonder what is a DAT file. Is it really a MPEG file? How a MPEG file can be converted into .DAT file. I have a HP 8200 CD Writer and I use the ADAPTEC Software coming along with it. I did not see any option in it leading to making VCDs. When I explored VCDs, I used to see several folders apart from the MPGAV folder. How are they created? Or will the VCD Creating software itself will do the job? WHICH IS THE FREEWARE THAT I CAN MAKE A VCD OUT OF MPEG FILES, so that I can play it on my JVC VCD player ? Please guide me.

-- Adv. Ranjith Xavier (ranjithxavier@hotmail.com), May 25, 2001



-- rtyrty (rtyyt@ghju.kl), May 26, 2001.

1. In VCD disk, one of directorys is MPGAV directory. In this one are stored all video tracks. You can see that`s files in media player, but they are created by some burning software (Nero, EasyCD...) NOT by you. I made a complet guide from capture - encoding - burning on site ( http://lvcd.8m.com ) you can go there... hope I help you

-- wwebmaster (lvcd@lvcd.8m.com), May 29, 2001.

yes it is possible in your mpeg are convertable by useing vcd_clipper it is downloadable from mpegx.com

-- haribabu (kh_babu@onebox.com), July 24, 2001.

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