"Which is the freeware that can make a VCD out of MPEG Files"

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I am a novice...please help me to make a VCD from MPEG files. I wonder what is a DAT file. Is it really a MPEG file? How a MPEG file can be converted into .DAT file. I have a HP 8200 CD Writer and I use the ADAPTEC Software coming along with it. I did not see any option in it leading to making VCDs. When I explored VCDs, I used to see several folders apart from the MPGAV folder. How are they created? Or will the VCD Creating software itself will do the job? WHICH IS THE FREEWARE THAT I CAN MAKE A VCD OUT OF MPEG FILES, so that I can play it on my JVC VCD player ? Please guide me.

-- Adv. Ranjith Xavier (ranjithxavier@hotmail.com), May 25, 2001


Iam looking out for one too!!!

-- Ramees M (rameesm@yahoo.com), June 03, 2001.

Use Nero Burn or Easyreader 4.0 or higher, not freeware.

-- Ernst du Toit (edt@pixie.co.za), June 06, 2001.


check that and let me know

-- kiko (windcorte@hotmail.com), July 10, 2001.

Nero has a demo that is free, you can burn vcs but I have not found how to burn svcds or xsvcds yet, they do however play in your standalone DVD

-- Dickle (sas_squatch@hotmail.com), July 26, 2001.

www.videocdhelp.com - all answers You need,

-- ervin (ervin@one.ee), August 07, 2001.

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