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I tried the tutorial at on how to convery .avi's to vcd's and i did it and i burned them to my cd-rw using Easy cd creator but my dvd player wont recoginse it.

I know for a fact that my dvd only plays vcd's burned on cd-rw's because i created a vcd with a file that was already converted to vcd formatt... I just need to know the way to convert it to vcd with a Sony DVP-S530D! Someone plz tell me

Thanks - Havoc

-- Havoc2005 (, May 24, 2001


My understanding is that all CD-RWs are not identical. If you can find them, Sony brand CD-RWs should work fine. I have a friend with a Sony DVD player and I gave him a VCD on a Sony CD-RW and he said it played fine. CompUSA sells them. Other stores proably do too. You might check the directories on your VCD and make sure that MPEGAV exists. There should be a file in there called AVSEQ01.MPG if you made it correctly, but you probably did. You might be interested to know that I have been told that Prime Peripheral's brand CD-Rs work on Sony DVD players. I have been wanting to test this on my brother's Sony DVD player but have not been able to yet. Office Max sells Prime Peripheral CD-Rs if you want to try it.

-- Jason (, May 25, 2001.

Well I know 100% that the cd-rw's work on my dvd cuz I downloaded a already converted vcd file and burned it to the same cd-rw's and they worked.. I tink im converting it wrong. Fuck it doesnt help!

-- Havoc2005 (, May 25, 2001.

You will find a CD-RW today that works but when that runs out you will run around and around forever trying to find out where you can get the next batch. Finally, ultimately, sadly, happily, you will replace your Sony with a player that reliably sees CD-R and the lot. As many have found recently, one can't quite be a CD-R enthusiast and a Sony DVD player enthusiast at the same time.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 26, 2001.

Interesting enough! I have the same Sony DVD player and found that if the VCD is burned to Prime Peripheral R CD the DVD player can play the VCD. Sony DVD does not recognize Verbtam, Philips, Imation CD. My problem is I could not found Prime Peripheral R CD in my area stores any more.

-- (, July 17, 2001.

Try the Pioneer DV 525 or DV 535 and save your self from all this misery.

-- Greg pereira (, July 26, 2001.

Have come across this problem myself, I have a eclipse 595 dvd player, this plays any disk you stick in, yet a friends sony will not read any cdr's. just need a decent dvd player try the new eclipse 696 from richer sounds. top player.

-- steve kelly (, August 06, 2001.

The main problem is that Sony S530D is very picky about what CD's it reads. The player does read regular CDR's in XVCD and SVCD formats. It also reads CD-RW's with the green layer only. Imation CDRW's will work fine. Try experimenting abit.

-- Lenin (, September 12, 2001.

Addon to the answer above:

Correction, this DVD player does not read SVCD in any form, but is compadible with XSVCD. Visit and search for this model in the "DVD Players" list. Hope this post actually helps anyone.

-- Lenin. (, May 21, 2002.

I have the Sony DVP S530D Model and I am also trying to write VCD's that will work in my player. I appreciate all the inputs. I'm sure I will have much less of a headache accomplishing my task now that I have seen this. I will post a message if I'm successful.

-- Michael E. French (, November 04, 2002.

If you can find CDR's from PRINCO they will work in all Sony DVD players...I have the DVP-530D and I picked up a couple hundred Princo CDR's from Circuit City...however, the label was some low-budget name you've never heard of...I'm sure you can by Princo CDR's direct online. The Princo als worked in my kids Samsung DVD player that wouldn't read any thing else. I also heard Vivastar CDR's work with the Sony DVD players.

-- Dave (, December 26, 2002.

You might want to check with the manufacturor to ask if the vcd's must be burned in a particular format. I had a problem with my toshiba sd-1800 dvd player not playing vcd's made in several formats. It will only play vcd's made with software based on Video CD 1.1 or 2.0. I finally found one and the discs work perfectly.

-- vic (, December 27, 2002.

Hello , I have the Sony dvp-S530D and I hace the same problem , can I use any princo CDR? also is there a way to "hack" the dvd player to make him play any vcd? thanks a lot..

-- John D (, February 03, 2003.

If you live near a Fry's Electronics try there generic GQ cd-r. They seem to work 80% of the time.

-- Ike Nixon (, July 26, 2003.

The GQ discs from fry's have been changed and no longer work.

-- a (, August 09, 2003.

I think sucks. And you have to make a raw vcd. to burn a fuckin vcd you need nero express 5.5(last)

-- Tom (, August 11, 2003.

I can confirm that VIVASTAR works fine with the Sony DVD players...none otrhers my case even the imation cdrw doesnt work!!!

-- GIRISH (ZGIRISH@HOTMAIL.COM), August 18, 2003.

I tried the TDK 700MB/80 min today and it worked.

-- Tom Pitcock (, June 05, 2004.

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