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My Grandfather, Earle Dunton Thomas's father is John Sullivan Simpson. Family says he was married to Abbie Dunton, b. 1875 daughter of Alden Dunton, "a Civil War veteran". My grandfather was born in Mercer Maine 1900.

I need help tracing these folks. I am sending for grandfather's birth certificate and social security info.

thanks all Karen

-- Karen Thomas Meyer (, May 24, 2001


re: Alden Dunton

Hi Karen,

I do have abbie and Alden Dunton in the family database. I can't add much to what John already posted but if you do tie into this line, I have the line pretty well documented back from Alden.

Talk to you later,

Mike Dunton

-- Mike Dunton (, June 07, 2001.

Re: Alden Dunton

Alden Dunton is most likely the Civil War vet. who married Lena F. Works. One kid was Clyde A. Dunton. Don't have dates for these, but Alden's parents are Benjamin Jr.(1815-1881) and Olive Wood (1824-1916). They were married in Mercer, ME in 1842. Benjamin Jr.'s parents are Benjamin Sr. (1772-) and Martha Alley (1775-). Both these Benjamins and some of their family are buried in and around Mercer.

-- John Harrison (, June 07, 2001.

thanks for the lead. i will try to check this out. have sent letters to other relatives that may know more about the Dunton side of our family. i do know, or have heard, that Alden is a civil war vet. thanks again! Karen

-- Karen Meyer (, June 07, 2001.

Alden Dunton was my great-grandfather. My grandfather, Clyde Dunton, was Abbie's step-brother. Clyde was born from Alden's marriage to Lena Works, but I'm real fuzzy on the details of his marriage to Abbie's mother. I do remember my Grandfather speaking of Abby and of her sons(?) Earl and Wallace Thomas (?) I seem to remember them coming to my grandfathers funeral also. Didn't they live in the Rumford, Maine area? I will get you some more information on Alden when I get home ( I'm at work now).....he is buried in Mercer. He was a store owner and postmaster there. I don't remember ever coming across anything that said he was a civil war vet.....but he very well could have been. I think there was quite an age difference between Abbie and Clyde (18 yrs or so), and I think Alden married Lena Works later in Grandfather Clyde was born 7/22/1892. Nice to meet ya, Karen!!!

-- Bonnie Dunton Collins (, June 11, 2001.

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