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Starscream: Fellow Decepticons, Astrotrain has requested that we lighten our burden.

Bonecrusher: In that case I say it is survival of the fittest.

Starscream: Do I hear a second on that?


Starscream: And against?


Starscream: THE AYE'S HAVE IT!

Starscream: Oh how it pains me to do this!

ChaosKnight: Wait! I still function!

Starscream: Wanna bet?

ChaosKnight: STARSCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starscream: Well, as ChaosKnight has, how shall we say "departed", I nominate myself as the new leader.

Ok, enough of that. The ChaosKnight is gone for the time being, actually, he's been gone for almost a month. According to what he told me a few days ago, he's in the basement labs of the Rand Corporation, being fed a steady diet of genuine peruvian flake and reruns of the animated show "Kidd Video", as part of a CIA experiment to eliminate the public's memories of 1980's glam rock bands. He won't be around for quite awhile yet, so he called upon one of his old friends to take care of things for him. So now I, Starscream, am taking over admin work for him during his absence. He even gave me a swank new email address. Now, I don't know anything about this tv show. I can't answer any aeon flux-related questions. And I don't know when ChaosKnight is going to be finished with whatever buisness he's engaged in right now. But if there are any technical problems with the forum, please let me know by emailing me. I won't respond, but I will look into any problems.

Have a nice day.

"Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies."


-- Starscream (, May 24, 2001


Good to have you, and transformers rocks! As for Kidd Video well I wish someone would let me see reruns of it.

-- (, May 24, 2001.

I asked a few Decepticons I know, people who know the whole 1980's cartoon tape trading market, and they said you can get Kidd Video episodes at The Flipside, which is at I found 11 episodes listed for download. Enjoy.

Oh, ps, ChaosKnight told me to put a broken email address in the form, so that the order of the posts doesn't get screwed up. The board softward automatically moves posts by the moderator to the top, making it very hard to follow. So if you want to mail me, click on the address at the bottom of the top forum page.


"Unicron, if you want the connection made, you better give me a new body now!" "YOU SHALL HAVE IT!" - Starscream is resurrected in "Ghost in the machine"

-- Starscream (, May 28, 2001.

Glam bands of the 80's? You're kidding of course; we I realize that now! 80's music was all dross. Long live the Beatles, Airplane and John Fahey!!!!!!!!!!!

-- al from cal (, May 31, 2001.

Hey man your wrong. Zepplin RULES!! Ouch that hurt, I wondered how long I could go without saying that, i guess only a few days.

-- Mark (, May 31, 2001.

Say starscream what did you think of the Beast Wars transformers?

-- Mark (, June 02, 2001.

Didn't like it.

I also don't like that Starscream's Ghost showed up. I heard Starscream was in an episode (that appearance was about 10 years overdue.) I watched for it, and then I saw he was in ghost form again, saying he can't control his movements as a ghost, and moved beyond time and stuff. It mucks up his ghost powers, but even worse, they show Starscream was dead. Starscream was last seen alive. I can't believe they'd waste him like that.

-- Starscream (, June 02, 2001.

It never really did have too much continutity with the original. I don't seem to know nearly half as much as you do though. I sorta have only seen bits and peices after they get back to Cybertron. I do love it though and a couple a years ago they showed early morning on a Rochester Fox station, however I was in completely the wrong time zone and ended up staying up till 4:00am for about 2 months to watch it every day. That was the first time I'd seen it since I was a kid, and its also the last. I can't find it anywhere on tv. *crying*

-- Mark (, June 03, 2001.

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