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Have complete set Canon F1N (2), T90 (2) AE-1 (2) with speed finders (2), F1N-AE finder (1), motor drives (2) etc and 300TL Speedlite (2) and lenses 14mm 2.8, 24mm 2.8, 35mm 2.0, 50mm 1.8, 55mm 3.5 macro, 100mm 2.8, 200mm 4.0, 500mm mirror, 20-35mm 3.5L, 35-105mm 3.5L, 28-85mm 4.0L, 80-200mm 4.0L and Quantum and various other accessories. All excellent condition (some mint) with original boxes, cases, caps, brochures, etc as shipped for nearly every item.

Requesting help in setting prices for sale. Thank you!

-- GD Mangold (, May 24, 2001


Try this link to a price list:

Love to get the 14 f2.8. Want to try a deal now?



-- Duane K (, May 24, 2001.

A great Canon outfit! McKeown's list the above, in normal "light use/wear" condition at: F1N with 50mm f1.8 at $300-$450; T90's not listed but typically around $350-500; FD14 f2.8 at $700-$1000; 24mm f2.8 at $175-$250; 35mm f2 at $120-$180; 50mm f1.8 at $25-40; 55 f3.5 macro at $150-$225; 100 f2.8 at $120-$200; 200 f4.0 at $200-$375 depending on which model; 500mm mirror at $200-$300; 20-35 FL at $450-$700; 35-105 f3.5L is not listed; 28-85 f4 L not listed (the standard FD is around $200-$300); 80-200 f4 L $300-$450; Hope this helps. Note: the FD 14mm is quite sought after; all lens prices higher for mint condition in original boxes. The FD24 f2.8 and FD35 f2 are OK lenses, fast but not great optics. Hope this helps and all the best with your sale.

-- chris hayden (, May 25, 2001.

As far as I know, the 35-105/3.5 is not an L lens, and I don't think the 28-85/4.0 is either.

I quite like the 35mm/2.0. It might not technically be the sharpest lens in the range, but it has a very smooth look that some have compared to the 35mm/2.0 Summicron of the same era.

-- David Goldfarb (, May 26, 2001.

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