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District Director Meeting Minutes May 14, 2001

Present: Sheila Barbetta, Kay Stanek, Terry Anderson, Lee Raeth, Calvin Walker, Debra Zak, David Werner, Larry Tande

Others: Dale Blythe, Mike Charland

8:30 A.M. - 201A Coffey Hall

I. Discussion with Dale Blythe and Mike Charland, Center for 4-H Youth Development

1. Reviewed and Updated with District Directors - List of 4-H Youth Development Lead Educator by Districts - List of 4-H Youth Development Community, Program Assistants and Program Specialist by Districts

2. County 4-H Program Review - tested four piloted counties - 1 hour telephone conference call with each county - attempting to do entire state in 1 year - handout sheet given to D.D.'s on the interview process and questions - they will share summary notes with the D.D.'s

3. Clarification and communication needed on Performance Review System with D.D.'s and Lead Extension Educators in Youth Development

4. Mutually agreed (D.D.'s and Center Staff; Blythe and Charland) on an annual District year-end discussion on Performance Review.

5. Center is developing a data basis on all standing 4-H Youth Development Committees

6. Center Administrative staff is growing towards, but slowly, in clarifying where the support for programs and events will go and where it won't in declining resources

7. Center agreed to check first with D.D.'s before inviting/contracting with EE's for special assignments.

II. Mission and Vision for the 4-H & Youth Development Center: - Handout on the Center's Mission Model - National Branding Study on 4-H coming soon

1. What do we label what?

2. Need to expand audiences, particularly the under-served

3. Need to expand the support for enhancing and expanding 4-H program - 8 million dollar campaign - membership fees in 4-H - $10-$25/member 30,000 Current membership - Web based sponsor fees

4. Greater distinction and distance between the "Center" and 4-H Youth Development - Center will be a National Arena around Youth Development Leadership

5. Greater difference in strategy and approach of Youth Programs in rural and urban areas

6. Center is the intermediary between youth research and field based programs

10:35 - Dean and Director Charles Casey

Present : All District Directors, along with

Jeanne Markel, Mariam Anderson, Phil O'Brien

1. AMC/County/40% M of A *EFCC reported to Casey - Jeanne Krueger's letter: - AMC letter "blaming Commissioners" - Could have been stated more positively for all parties - Not recovering past differences, only trying to bring up to date - Jim Mulder wrote the letter for Jeanne Krueger, Marian softened portions of it. * Need to put together District AMC presentations - do not (D.D.'s) put blame on anyone; it happened - * D.D.'s to EE's; keep us informed and let us know if we can be of help.

2. Humphrey Fellows - Suggestions to Barb Warren - Young professional, will pay off over a period of time

3. Legislative Update: - $87 Million House, $150 Million Senate, - Conference Committee - Hopefully $100 Million,

4. 3% increase being talked administratively, - 11/2 Centrally - 11/2 thru College * up to 10% Tuition increase in Colleges - info due to Central on June 2

5. Appeals process - Questions? Is there an Appeals Process? If so, what and procedure?

District Director Meeting Minutes May 16, 2001 Present: Lee Raeth, Larry Tande, Sheila Barbetta, David Werner, Cal Walker, Terry Anderson, Kay Stanek, Deb Zak (by phone)

July 1, 2001 - Salary discussion * July 1, 2000 - 3% = Comments from David Werner 1.5% Base to all 1.5% - 90% Performance 10% Other 3 categories Based on: Performance Market Equity Diversity $0 - $700 - Performance Dollars * July 1, 2001 - agreed upon by DD's as guidelines - 50% of total increase, divided equally - Remaining amount, minus academic promotion and advance degree, would go to performance, market, equity and diversity.

Example = Based on 3% 11/2% = divided equally 11/2% = (minus academia promotion and degrees - at discretion of D.D.) for Performance $0 - $700 Range If over $1200 total, check in with D.D. team

Check in with D.D. team if: Individual D.D. over $1200 total in Performance, Marketing, Equity and Diversity

District Budget Planning Discussion

- Mutual discussion by D.D. Team in development of district budgets - District budgets due to Peggy Buckley May 31.

-- Anonymous, May 24, 2001

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