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Hi all,

We are a software company in India and have developed a product for Service Level Monitoring that when installed performs user-like actions continuously at set time intervals and reports on availability & response times by application that has been defined. This runs indenpendently from the client. No additional components need to be installed on the server or network. You can define any number of applications and the user actions. For example you can define one transactions as ERP and user action as querying an order etc. I could share more details. I would like to know if anybody would be interested in such a product. We have seen it being useful in a couple of situations we have worked where the actual user perspective is not available from current SLM tools. Your thoughts will be most appreciated even if they are in the negative.....Ram

-- Ram Sukumar (, May 24, 2001


Hi Ram I'll be interested in understanding your product. It certainly brings a new meaning to 'end-user experience' if you can simulate transactions with. My email is shown above and I'm based in London, UK

-- Mike Odusami (, June 26, 2001.

We are currently evaluating a company that does QoS from an end to end perspective. The company is ClarITeam Has anyone heard of this company or done an evaluation of their services?



-- Robert Swartzentruber (, July 20, 2001.

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