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Talked with Peter Grazier today and he referred me to this place...thank you Peter as I do not know too terribly much about teambuilding resources out there...he goes...

I am looking for information regarding a particular event: teams are given materials to build a boat or raft and then have to successfully paddle out to a buoy and back. The person that did this before thought it might have come from the Boy Scouts or the Explorers Club. Does anyone out there have specs or ideas??

Thank you! Allison Duffy with Genuity.

-- Allison Duffy (, May 23, 2001


I can't give you exact specifics, however I have done the team building activity. All I can remember is that an outside team building company organized and delivered the raft building exercise. It had to have been a california based company (the meeting was in LA area).

We were given large inner-tubes, ropes, paddles and other materials (can't remember exactly). We were divided up into to teams of at least 6-8 members. The whole team had to create the raft and then 2 people in the team were chosen to paddle out and back. We were given about 30-45 minutes to create the raft and then they had the race. The team to paddle out and back first, won.

Hope this helps.

-- Lisa Austin (, May 24, 2001.

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