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Hello folks! Just started migration into digital world with Epson 1640 scanner. Im doing scans from 6x6 cm to 4x5, occasionally 35 mm. After reading several posts here I chose to scan at 1600 dpi in color mode both types (color slides and b&w) and than adjust image in PS (using Lab option described in this forum). Few questions: 1.Is there any difference which way to put negative (directly to the glass or in the holder, emulsion side up or down)? 2.Files are coming out in 16 bit per channel and in order to manipulate or even to print I have to reduce it to 8 bits. Is there any difference in image quality? 3.Does the Vuescan produce better images than Twain? The main goal is to produce good / very good quality inkjet prints up to 17x22 ( so I have to bring ready-to-print digital images to the printing pro-lab). I will appreciate any comments.

Thank you, Vic

-- Vic (, May 23, 2001


I may have the answer to one of your questions- you want to scan with the emulsion side of the film facing the scanner. This will mean that you will need to flip the image either in the scan setup or in photoshop- no big deal either way. I have confirmed that scans are sharper this way by scanning both ways and blowing the images up and comparing. The "backwards" scans are sharper and clearer.

-- David Rose (, May 23, 2001.

Thank you David, While I'm still trying to get decent results from 4x5 b&w, take a look on scan from 35mm velvia, that I made using, standard twain settings (at 1600 dpi). Full file (at 72 dpi for web):

enlarged part : Printed out 8x10 flawless.

Regards, Vic

-- Vic (, May 23, 2001.

Photoshop will let you use levels, curves, hue and saturation, colour balance and brightness/contrast tools in 48bit mode. These are the operations that can be most damaging to the colour depth, and you should do any manipulation with these tools at 48bit. Then you change mode to 24bit for filters, resizing, etc. and finally printing.
To avoid rescanning when you change your mind about the tone or colour of an image, it's advisable to save a copy at 48bit as well.

-- Pete Andrews (, May 24, 2001.

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