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I just want to ask Elan 7 users about their experience with this camera. How is the metering and the e-ttl flash? Is it reliable? I'm planning to get this camera along with the 28 2.8 50 1.4 and 100 f2 or the 28-105 with the 50 1.4 combination.


-- Michael (mm071799@attcanada.ca), May 23, 2001


A review appeared here in Photo.net. As it points tothe disadvantages as well (unlike, e.g., this review, it may help. Having handled an Eos 30 a few times (the same with ECF), I remember it feeling not too "plasticky", focussing really fast, and easy to understand.

-- debarim (piraya@hispavista.com), May 23, 2001.

Oops, being logged in to Photo.net at the same time results in bad errors. I apologise and leave to change my Photo.net login.

-- Oliver Schrinner (piraya@hispavista.com), May 23, 2001.

The second combination you are planning on purchasing seems to be adequate. Anything more would be gravy. This camera operates quite well in almost all circumstances (get a rain cover for wet conditions). The one thing I really don't like is the fact that a white light is needed (when not used with 420EX) for focusing under dim light conditions. As well, under flash necessary conditions, I find it that there is a lot of vigneting (with 420EX) and flash overide (compensation) is required quite often. The metering system is very good about ninety percent of the time (still evaluating it) and can be easily overidden. For the price and the ruggedness and all the functions available, the camera is well worth the money. A good mid-end camera.

-- Ian Brazeau (ibrazeau@hotmail.com), May 28, 2001.

I have an Elan 7E. The metering appears to be reliable, as camera meters go, but it might also help to look at the metering patterns at the Canon website:
http://www.canon- sales.co.jp/7/product/point4/index-j.html
http://www.canon- sales.co.jp/7/tech/page/p03.html

-- Julian Loke (jul.loke@home.com), June 01, 2001.

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