what happened?

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Country IM_DEAD_SEXY (#3000) Description No description Status DEAD Specialty PHANTASM Magic Ranking 5,506 Power 4,061,285 Total land 2,812 Acres Fortress 8

Country PURIFIER (#10244) Description No description Status DEAD Specialty VERDANT Magic Ranking 1,859 Power 6,864,126 Total land 3,516 Acres Fortress 18

Country Mad_Probe (#8886) Description pls dont attack me i have a war on my hands i dont random anymore so dont attack or i will devil u Status DEAD Specialty NETHER Magic Ranking 1,118 Power 8,339,629 Total land 3,165 Acres Fortress 15

Did they leave or got scared or something? or did they really die?

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2001


The credit must go to Bead, the administrator of Archmage.

I had sent him an email last week stating that members of Posy were multi-maging. So he sent me an email back today stating 6 members were in fact multi-magers. So he deleted them away.

-- Anonymous, May 23, 2001

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