Why should your energy problem be my hassle

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To those on the left coast. Y'all decided to grow an economy heavily reliant on electricty without building more power plants. Now you are paying the price. Gov. Davis recently blasted Reliant energy for charging a high price per kilowatt hour. The details emerge Californians were buying energy from a plant here in TX that can only operate 8 days out of the year due to the fact it will violate various envoirnmental regulations. Also California is yet to pay what it owes Reliant Energy! The price per kilowatt includes the fines that the power plant incurs. President Bush has offered to waive the clean air act so you can operate additional power plants in Cali. Why do you whine about the increased cost of energy when you dont pay the the bills and bought on yourselves? Why do you whine and insist nationally on the same things price controls that got you into the mess in the first place?

-- Esteban Erik Stipnieks (backroadsbuzzard@hotmail.com), May 22, 2001

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