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my husand with his ex wife had their house repossessed nearly 9 years ago, never heard anything from Bradford & Bingley, now i have a private investigator hassling me for details about my husbands job and when he will be home, what do i do/say to them?

-- julie littler (, May 22, 2001


Have a look around the site, but better still get your husband to do it, he needs to take some responsibility for the situation.

Re the immediate problem, you are not obliged to respond to questions from a private investigator; just ask them to leave the property and not to call again. If they hassle you or return or remain outside the property making a nuisance of themselves, call the police, easy as that.

-- bluemoon (, May 22, 2001.

Any course of action which alarms or distresses you is harassment, and the police will now take this very seriously indeed, especially if you spell it out that you *are* being alarmed and distressed, can identify the individual involved (or their employer), and point out that there is now legislation making harassment a criminal act.

That you know that the person involved is a private invetigator suggests to me that you know a bit about this person, so go for it. Don't let him or her harass you.

I wouldn't. I write down the index numbers of cars which loiter outside my home, log 'funny calls', and have already contacted the police about certain 'goings on'. All seems miraculously quiet now.

Use your rights.

-- Eleanor Scott (, May 22, 2001.

My experience (bearing in mind I chose to fight): I changed tel no. and ignored unfamiliar callers at the door (info is power and any given will be used against you). Be aware of dirty tricks: colourful business cards, hand posted with friendly 'advice', or post cards of Scotland with just the words "Hi, call me on....". The ultimate insult was the photographer! I only made contact when they appointed a solicitor - I am currenly waiting for them to prove their claim.

-- Richard Butler (, May 29, 2001.

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