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What was the original recipe for Aztec chocolate? The "flavorings" I have read about suggest some mind altering effects that are not overtly dicussed in print. Remote viewing, aphrodesiac properties, astral travel to the stars, contact with the dead...etc. How accurate were these psychic insights and what benefit did they have for the first Americans? I can find no reference in print to the hallucinagenic effects of the sacred ceiba tree. The crushed seeds of this tree were listed as a "flavoring" in Sophie Coe's The True History Of Chocolate. Can anyone help this E.T. find his Reese's Pieces?

-- larry ambrose (, May 21, 2001


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pure chocolate. preferably raw chocolate.




chili powder

i always make mine with milk. the aztecs didn't have cow milk. so they probably used water. what was most interesting to the aztecs was the chocolate froth. to get the froth you can use some sort of froth maker, like a milk steamer on a capuchino machine.

i use chocolate from Samayac in Guatemala. here they hand make tablets of chocolate.

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-- andy t (, October 11, 2004.

I've read this thread a few times and think there is a legit reason to believe that chili's themselves can create a euphoric/hallucinogenic feeling. I had this green bean looking chili or spice at a Thai restaurant last weekend it seemed to be doing crazy things to me. I was automatically dehydrated and woozy; it was definitely from the spice I nibbled... Just my belated two cents...

-- Magentah Jonze (, September 01, 2004.

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wwhat was the pint of this webite pt at the start no info included just a load of rubbished that wont help! try putting some info in futer by the way aztecs used ground peppers or chillies for flavor the worshipped the god of death the most and were the first to invent choocie wat wuld wew do without em? let me no if ne1 finds a half decent website plez.

-- linz (, December 30, 2003.

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Listen, if you're just going to come on the website and swear about not finding info and wasting your time reading the stuff that is here...don't type a message. Don't waste more of your time. Just find another site. I suggest you go looking on They may have some other sites.

-- Judy Diamond (, October 21, 2003.

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-- whitechocolate (, May 04, 2003.

aztec chocolate was made with chile and most of the recipes on the internet donīt go far from that. i am living in guatemala now and i am looking for answers in the land where they originally grew the chocolate which was then exported to central mexico... this was a walk of a few weeks with the chocolate transported on workers backs. if it really was hallucinagenic, it would be easy to figure out what they used... there are many native plants in mexico that are hallucinagenic and it would be a matter or figuring out which ones of these they used, which were ceremonial and which they may have put in the chocolate. datura melodes may have been one as well as pslicybne (sp?) species of fungus. but there are many other plants also... if i find some that work well and also make the chocolate taste good, i will post it. also that isn{t my email so don{t write it. if you want to get in touch with me, tell me on this page and i will write you. andy

-- andy thoms (, May 03, 2003.

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-- Count Chocula (, February 17, 2003.

What is the history of the aztecs chocolate and how long did it go on for. Can you send me anything on the aztecs chocolate because i am doing a project on it

-- Layona Shetas (, February 10, 2003.

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-- Gino Bambino (, November 20, 2002.

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-- Allie (, October 31, 2002.

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i was doin a report for biology and i came across something that said if you had enough chocolate you could get high. So i figured that Aztec chocolate is the strongest there is. and im trying to find it so please tell me if any of yall find out a website send me a fucking e-mail. I GOT THE FUCKING MUNCHIES!!!!!

-- find a website and ill tell you (, May 14, 2002.

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