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How would Aeon fare as Dr. Who's companion? Would she be able to stand around and ask 'What do we do now doctor?', episode after episode; can she wander off for no obvious reason except to place herself in peril in order to keep the plot moving? Can she adapt to an environment with no long halls to sprint down? Do her female fans even know who Dr. Who? is? Word is awaited!!!

-- al from cal (, May 21, 2001


Ahh...insight into both the deathtoy and her political lover...can't place her in an English phonebooth though.

-- Barb e. (, September 19, 2002.

She would make a terrible Who chick, I think I haven't seen it since I was a kid. You know she would probably evetually get tired of the doctor steal the tardis, and have fun in the stream of time.

-- Mark (, May 21, 2001.

I think she would rape the doctor. Then go to all parts of time and have sex with her own ancestors.

-- jon (, May 21, 2001.

I think there's some Dr. Who/Aeon crossover fan fiction on "that other" forum at yahoo. I've never seen Who myself, personally... but I think she'd fare well on The Prisoner.

-- Mat Rebholz (, May 23, 2001.

Aeon doesn't commit rape! Sure she's sexually pushy and dominant but thats along way from rape. Also the doctor particulary the old original one would be on her faster than sour on a puss.

-- MArk (, May 24, 2001.

the doctor hated would never work out.

-- rana the landstander (, September 16, 2002.

Dr. Who, huh....

She'd get on his side for precisely so long as necessary to defect to the DALEKS (ultimate deathtoys, etc.) just so she might aquisition maybe a coll one for her deathtoy and/or "specialties" (read: PRIVATE) collection before TG got through legal battles and red tape to but the Daleks out wholesale for his Weapons/Special Projects division.

Only to discover that the stupid things were only some high school summer science project that TG and a couple of friends had gotten together back when he was a kid anyway. (Before he got bored with them and dumped them onto the market as a gesture to concerns for social responsibility, popular at the tiime.)

-- Mark Mars (, September 18, 2002.

Which is sillier: the original question, my answer, or the fact that i am answering questions so many years later ? who cares ? no, really... who cares ? (somebody somewhere, sometime, i would guess, right ?)

(Almost) Seriously, Aeon would probably do quite well as The Doctor's companion. She's as smart as Romana, and would probably not see The Dr. as a threat. I agree that she'd be tempted to steal the Tardis, but I imagine The Dr. would have all kinds of elaborate failsafe tricks for just such an occasion.

(I'm not so sure about the Sylvestor McCoy incarnation, though... he'd either be too wary or too absent-minded or just totally incompatible. Aeon would make a very tragic role model for Ace).

Anyways, I could imagine Aeon being an interesting companion, but she'd probably double as a casual villain. I could imagine the two of them playing out some kind of cosmic stunt game, much like Trevor and Aeon, but probably much less violent. The Doctor had a nice way of avoiding violence. Also, I think Aeon would be just as offended by Cybermen and Daleks as the Doctor.

Last but not least, I'll bet the Doctor would insist that she put some decent clothes on before she board the Tardis. She and Teagan would get into lots of catfights. MeeOooooowww!

-- DayOfBrahma (, November 13, 2004.

It would probably be in keeping with the spirit of things if I waited a couple of years to answer, but it's a slow week. Aeon would not be a suitable companion for the Doctor because the primary purpose of a Companion is to to expose herself, sometimes foolishly sometimes not, to hazardous situations that the Doctor has to extract them from. It's what keeps the plot moving along.

-- al (, November 14, 2004.

al, you make a good point. still, i could almost picture Aeon fulfilling three simultaneous roles: villain, companion, & victim. it'd be infuriating to watch:

Dr goes back to Metabelius 3 to return his blue crystals to their native planet and to find out who has been persecuting the locals. coincidentally, he stops for lunch on some remote planetoid along the way. while picking a delicious piece of low hanging fruit, he meets Aeon, and invites her along/she stows away onboard and reveals herself later. before they arrive, Dr and Aeon get acquainted. Aeon plays dumb, but Dr doesn't believe it, so he plays dumb too, but she knows it. they each take turns letting the other win in the game of wits.

however, Dr doesn't yet realise that Aeon has allied temporarily with The Master. So, when they get to Metabelius 3, things get ugly. it's no longer just a Penn & Teller game of "what did you do with my sonic screwdriver?" Fortunately, the good Dr keeps his wits against Aeon, and Aeon doesn't really like the Master who is too boring and obsessive.

Actually, the more i think of it, the more i believe that aeon would make a good Dr Who companion, because this is exactly how some episodes went with companions Adric and Turlo! Nevermind my dumb scenario.

Anyhow, you do have some good points, but i think it could almost go either way. with the original 1970s-1980s script writers, it would be pretty cool. in support of what you said, though i can't imagine it looking anything but dark and scary in modern times.

too much of a culture clash, and not much fun. Dr Who is supposed to be a dose of good cheer in the end. I can't imagine Tom Baker or anybody else having many chances to smile and be ham it up beside a character who is a narcissistic sabatour.

but then again, i do remember quite a few great episodes where it turned out that the Doctor was being fooled by another one of the Master's elaborate illusions. Remember Castrovalva?

Well, I dunno. Teagan seemed like one of the best. Aeon's a bit too pornographic.

-- DayOfBrahma (, November 16, 2004.

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