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I can capture video great using the ALL IN WONDER RADEON TV Record feature. But When I try to open the .avi file in Premiere 5.1 I get an error message that says something to the effect: "no audio or video is contained in the file, or the file is in use by another application." WHat's the deal?


-- Darren Marrese (, May 20, 2001


Some of the ATI video codecs are "proprietary" and will not be recognised by other programs. If you are using the latest Radeon ATI MMC that 7.1 then you are using the Windows Directx8 version of ATI capture. That's very limited to what you can use for capturing. You might try using a third party capture program like VirtualDub or AVI_IO to capture AVI using third party codecs like Mjpeg, or other more common compressions. Using the older ATI MMC 6.x which was not optimised for DirectX 8, you would have a LOT of other choices for compression codecs. Take a look at this page on my web site for examples of 3rd party codecs used with the ATI 128 Video card. I believe the Radeon may not be able to use a "non-directX 8" capture, but I could be wrong. Check out

-- Rich (, May 21, 2001.

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