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I'm trying to capture and edit using Premiere 5.1 and an ATI All in Wonder Radeon card at 640 X 480 on a Dell Dimension 4100, 933 Mhz, 256 RAM, 60 gig hard drive. Some codecs capture nice, but with no audio. Others drop frames and are jerky. Does Premiere 5.1 support the All in Wonder Radeon card, or is there a codec out there that will allow me to capture and edit with reasonable quality on the system I have going. Or should I consider upgrading to Premiere 6? Damn confusing stuff....


-- Darren Marrese (, May 20, 2001


I have been using premiere 6 with the all in wonder radeon, and I haven't had any problems

-- David Dudley (, June 02, 2001.

I have the same problems and the only A/V codec that works is the ATI mpeg2 YUV12 with a maximum resolution of 352*288 !! Full motion video capture is very far....

-- SEbSEb (, August 17, 2001.

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