Where is the cheapest 5*7 film source in Europe?

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Dear all:

I am now living temporarily in Spain where 5*7 basically doesn°¶t exist, so I tried Calumet in London then I was stunned: a box of HP5 lists for ĘG24.02(not included tax),which is about the same price in B&H but in U.S. dollar. So anyone kindly recommends me some cheap and reliable source for the 5*7 film in Europe?

Thanks in advance,


-- Vincent Wu (wlcv@pchome.com.tw), May 20, 2001


Hi Vincent, I'm afraid of asking the obvious, but you have been looking for 5X7", have you also been looking for 13X18 cm?, the metric equivelent of 5X7"? You might want to look at the Brenner Foto Versand web page in Germany or Monochrome at



-- William Levitt (Light-Zone@web.de), May 20, 2001.

Try www.lotusviewcamera.at. They have Bergger and Ilford films in all imaginable sizes. Their service is very good and the prices are reasonable. I hope this helps. :-)

-- Manuel Gomes Teixeira (punctumgt@netc.pt), May 20, 2001.

Hello Vincent,

I am using 5x7 (13x18) sheet film from www.foma.cz


-- Martin Kapostas (martin.kapostas@asdo.com), May 21, 2001.

Dear Vincent, The price of £24 is the UK list price , you should be able to get a discount of around 15% in the UK which may help a little. But remember in the Uk you will have to pay UK VAT (Sales Tax) of 17.5%. Robert

-- Robert White (robert@robertwhite.co.uk), May 21, 2001.

Dear Vincent,

You should try FotoImpex in Berlin, Germany. They sell Wephota NP 27 sheet film (which is actually Czech Fomapan 400 material) for EUR 16.99 per 25-sheet-box 13x18cm. They also sell efke PL 100 sheet film (which is made in Zagreb/Agram on old German Orwo machines) for EUR 30.00 per 50-sheet-box 13x18cm. A 50-sheet-box Czech Fomapan 100 costs EUR 34.90 in 13x18cm, a 25-sheet-box of Classic Pan 400 (a superpanchromatic ASA 400 film with classical crystal structure and 70 lpm - more at http://www.classicpan.de) in size 13x18cm costs EUR 16.99. They have a fixed shipping rate of DEM 30 (EUR 15.35) per order within the E.U. Hope this helps ;-)


-- David Haardt (david@haardt.net), June 03, 2001.

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