Need TIPS from WINTV Card capturers !! : LUSENET : Video CD : One Thread

I just got this card and I’m happy with the SOUND QUALITY of the AVIs I capture since this card gives DOLBY SURROUND SOUND when capturing from live “terrestrial” tv. The picture quality OK as well. However, I’m having problems trying to capture AVIs with my WINTV Theater card from my Sharp NICAM VCR. I tried to connect the video & audio cables from the card to my NICAM VCR but I can’t get the picture OR sound through its “TV tuner” or “composite”.

At the moment, I’m only capturing by connecting a cable from my VCR to the card’s RF/TV aerial socket. Even with this, the sound is still NOT as good as the movie clips I seen/downloaded from other users of WINTV and other capture cards.

I would like experts to explain exactly how to “physically” connect my tv card to my VCR properly to give the BEST SOUND possible, whether from HAUPPAUGE WinTV users or other TV capture card users.

Also, feel free e-mail me a diagram/picture of how the connection should be done – from BOTH the VCR & TV Card point of view.


-- Mike (, May 20, 2001


Sorry ... this is my CORRECT e-mail address.

-- Mike (, May 20, 2001.

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