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i think the members r more aggressive in this board! don't you think? I mean a lot more members like to post in this board than the other maybe because it isn't confusing! You dont have to go to the right category to post a message! Just like kilroggtd who needed serenity! if he wrote it in this board then it could have been easy for us to notice such emergency not by getting crazy placing it in the right category and no one even noticing it!

pls. i beg you leaders(lao, pelleon, melriken, etc.)! let's just return to this board and just change the password if you want our security to be a little more tight! or better yet justleave it this way!

-- Anonymous, May 19, 2001


Well, to move to a newer board was a timing thing. We had to move soon. As you can see, this place although it makes reading and finding stuff easy, but after a while it gets really cluttered. It takes a lot of time to clear stuff from this board.

It takes a while to get use to the other board. That I have to admit. But once you get the hang of it, it will be easy to use.

-- Anonymous, May 22, 2001

interesting that I am considered a leader of the guild, but anyhoo, the matter at hand, personaly I prefer the EZboard, when I log in I isntantly see where all the new posts are, and then I just read what has been posted sence last time, marking each read, thus I dont have to read everything 5 times to be sure I dont miss something... and if I read from a different computer I still see what I read last time...

yes it takes getting used to, but I think that it is worth it to do so...

-- Anonymous, May 26, 2001

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