Kodak Readyloads in Fuji Holder

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I just received a box of Kodak single sheet readyloads (Ektachrome VS) today and tried them in my Fuji quickload holder. The info with the film states that the Koday Readyloads are compatible with the Kodak holder and the Polaroid 545i. It also states that Fuji quickloads will work in the Kodak holder. So, I had to try the Kodak readyloads in my Fuji holder. The film packet goes in fine and seems to seat properly, the protective envelope pulls out properly. After exposure, it also reseats properly, or at least appears to. However, when you push the release on the Fuji holder and try to withdraw the packet, it hangs up on the white strip at the bottom and also the metal clip. I did find it possible to remove the holder from the camera, push in on the pressure plate slightly and withdraw the packet without any mishaps. I notice that on the instructions for using, it states "to remove the packet,squeeze and HOLD the relrease bar". Evidently, Kodak made the clip (although it looks the same) and the white strip at the bottom used to write on just slightly thicker to prevent easy use in the Fuji holder. Bummer !!!! They still work if you do not mind removing the holder from the camera and putting a slight amount of pressure on the pressure plate when removing the packet. Don Hall

-- Don Hall (dhall5662@cs.com), May 18, 2001


I just don't understand Kodak's marketing people. Kodak seems to be having a tough time competing with Fuji in film sales and here they go giving me one more reason not to buy their film. Do they think the income from sales of their new readyload holder is going to outway the loss of income from people who don't want to bother with carrying around two different holders. As long as they are going to copy fuji's quickload design because they couldn't get it right, they should make them comatible. Arhgg!

-- Mark Meyer (Mark@photo-mark.com), May 19, 2001.

Just returned from my darkroom after processing the Kodak Ektachrome VS single packets that were exposed in the Fuji holder. Light leaks all over the place !!! It appears that they will not work in the Fuji holder. Anyone else have any experience with this ?

-- Don Hall (dhall5662@cs.com), May 19, 2001.

Don, i'd be interested to hear if you work out the light leak problem-- i've been exposing Kodak film in my Fuji holder for some time without a problem. turns out that the Kodak holder, which i also have, doesn't fit properly into my Wista SP-- there is a little ridge that holds the holder in place, that on the holder is thicker than the corresponding cutout in my camera, so the holder doesn't seat properly. i've tried grinding down the Kodak holder, to no avail. if you have a Wista by any chance, then don't get the Kodak holder! ~cj

-- chris jordan (Seattle) (cjordan@yarmuth.com), May 23, 2001.

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