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I bought an Akai DV-P2500K DVD player and some VCD movies from Hong Kong. When playing on my TV in the USA, the screen is "jumping" with some VCDs which I played when I was back in Hong Kong without problem. Someone mentioned that some VCDs are in PAL format which cannot be play back on NTSC TVs. I have not had any problem with another Pioneer DVD player in playing any VCDs including those don't work on the Akai. Is there anything I can do to overcome the alleged format problem? Is there any setting I can set to get it to work with NTSC system? Thanks in advance.

Jeremy Ma

-- Jeremy Ma (, May 18, 2001


Some manufacturers put a K or U at the end of the model number to signify it is NTSC only, or E for PAL/SECAM, or none if it plays the bunch. You might see yours is a dead-on NTSC only and it would probably be less bloody to just sell that on e-bay and get a new, bonafide multi-system player. Go to for player lists on what plays what.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 19, 2001.

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