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I just purchased my first LF camera -- a beautiful, light Phillips Compact II. I've been shooting for years with a Hasselblad 250mm and like the long lens. Even though the bellows on the Phillips will take 600mm, I'm strongly considering a Fujinon-C 450 f12.5 for its light weight and affordability. (I plan on traveling with everything on my back, so weight is a very big factor.) I'm wondering what my minimum focusing distance will be with the Fuji and considering carrying a wider lens to get closer as well. Answers & Ideas? Thanks from Maui!

-- Lora Reeve (, May 17, 2001


My Compact II and Fujinon-C 450 are both home, while I'm at work, so I can't confirm this for you empirically right now. Using an optical forumula and recalling that the design focal length of that lens is actually 439mm, while also remembering the camera's actual bellows extension is 26 1/4 inches, I compute your closest focus distance at very close to 50 inches. That number feels right based on my experience using this combination. It would be an excellent lens choice; extremely sharp and contrasty with lots of coverage, while also very light weight and accepting 52mm filters.

Coincidentally, I just ordered a 600mm Fujinon-C, and yesterday did the same computation for it. I expect a 14 foot close limit with that lens on the Phillips.

One thing you'll find moving from 2 1/4 square to 8x10 is that depth of field is a much bigger problem. Therefore, I suggest you also pick up a Fujinon A 240 f9 for your outfit. It's even smaller and lighter than the 450 (comes in a Copal 0 shutter) and is designed for optimum performance at 1:5 magnification, thought it is splendid at infinity using apertures of f/22 or smaller. Should you want to do any closeup work in this format, you'll find that the Compact II's bellows and the Fuji 240 are made for each other.

Enjoy from southern California!

-- Sal Santamaura (, May 18, 2001.

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