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Hello All,

Does anyone know the U.S. selling price for the Shen Hao 4x5's? I emailed the importer but have not received a response. Any new owners out there? Thanks for any input.

-- Ross Martin (, May 17, 2001


I too, thought I would buy a Shenhao, after reading all the remarks here, and the glowing(albeit, slanted) remarks of Andrea M. I contacted their American agent in Portland, Oregon after several emails to their Asian marketer, and was referred to Seagull Cameras. Mr Cheng at Seagull said he would be happy to sell me one for $475US, but would not reply to multiple subsequent requests by me for instructions on just how to order. Then I saw some posts here not long ago by Mr. Cheng (Chang?) saying that someone in Atlanta was going to China to pick up some cameras, and if anyone wanted one - they should make contact to reserve one. I don't know about you, but I have many more important things to do than to play ring-around-the-rosie with importers and overseas manufacturer's agents who act as though they couldn't care less about satisfying a legitimate order request. What do you think is going to happen if you have a real problem with the product? That is assuming that you even know just who the %^&*&*& you're supposed to talk to! I gave up on these folks, and I think you would be well advised to stay miles away as well. After all, this is not a proven product, and considering the sales support,you will definately end up regretting it. I purchased a competative camera - one that I know I will be able to get manufacturer's support in the future.

Be wary!

-- Matt O. (, May 19, 2001.

Oh god what a pile of nasty remarks! However, The Shen Hao isn't property of Seagull and they act as their go-between. Shen hao is pretty much a one man band plus the services of mr. Perry Wang who is taking care of the commercial part and the contacts abroad. Getting in touch with them isn't always very easy , this of course has nothing to do with the quality of their cameras but rather with the fact that not everybody speaks english in this company (this is an understatement!). However I have bought 4 cameras (as far as I know it was told me to be the minimum order), kept one for myself and happily (for me and the buyers) sold 2, the production might be suffering a bit under the order which I know was placed from the American Importer to be. Concerning the price, On this site it has been mention the buying price in china but the selling price is, I am afraid higher, this due to various taxes and transport costs, insurances, bank fees, airport handling fees and last but not least the small importer profit(upon which we also pay taxes), You are most welcome to get in touch with e-mail Perry Wang and he will be more than happy to put you in touch with the American Importer. Although I cannot be seen as totally indipendent on Shen Hao matters, my long standing indipendent contribution to this site hasn't only involved this brand, moreover I am a glad contributor to this site long before I ever thought of buying myself a very nice chinese camera and in doing so ended up in buying several. Being a professional photographer, if I would apply the fee which I normally charge for my services and expertise to all the time it takes to sell a camera this would cost a lot more than it does so why do I do that? I guess because I like this product, my job is taking photographs I love cameras and own several from many different brands Shen Hao is only one of them. Shen Hao means "good spirit", I hope this name can be an inspiration to us all.

-- Andrea Milano (, May 20, 2001.


My frustration in attempting to obtain a Shenhao had nothing at all to do with the quality of the camera, and I (through my post)did not question your motives or your integrity. From what meager info that I was able to obtain, I was convinced the camera was more than worth the price. That is why I was interested in the first place. In all honesty, if this company expects to sell cameras and compete in an open market, they will definitely need to learn marketing and understand the meaning of "customer service". Considering the results of my attempts to purchase (and I am probably not alone in this experience) just what can be expected from the product? Or from the seller after the sale? It was enough to raise many questions in my mind, and therefore I purchased a product from a manufacturer that I was comfortable with.

-- Matt O. (, May 20, 2001.

Dear Matt, sorry if I sort of overreacted to your entry but sometimes one reads things which aren't there in some postings. I apologize for my hasty answer! However if I may spend an extra word for Shen Hao, the company is very small and need to grow the production is very difficult because involves some sub-contractors, their language skills are very poor and I am afraid that if your e-mail hasn't reached Perry Wang, there is nobody else able to answer you. In all Honesty even the comunication with Perry is at times difficult but we all do our best. I know that we in the west are used to different service or feedback but in reality the intentions are good but fall a little too short. Geoffrey Chen has had some experiences and he speaks chines, maybe you can ask him (his address is under many entries concerning Shen Hao) to do something for you. Good luck.

-- Andrea Milano (, May 21, 2001.


If you like to purchase a Shen Hao camera, you should contact Jack Holt at (770) 977-4368. He just came back from China. He is our US Importer. Phoenix USA, at (516) 764-5890, will distribute Shen Hao cameras. All Shen Hao cameras will carry a life time warranty for original purchasers, and will be serviced at Seagull's Georgia, USA, repair facility.

The retail price for Shen Hao HZX45-IIA will be higher than the $475 price which you were quoted, due to import and export taxes, shipping, and handling fees, etc. The $475 price is for model HZX45-II, which does not have interchangeable bellows capability. I paid over $200 for shipping and handling for my 8x10 camera. In addition, please be patient that making those cameras and shipping them take quite some time. It's like to start a new business, and it doesn't happen overnight. Hope this addresses your concern. Please feel free to email me if you have further concerns. In the past two weeks or so, I'm getting about 50 emails regarding Shen Hao cameras. Cheers,

-- Geoffrey Chen (DB45TEK@AOL.COM), May 21, 2001.

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