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Some grocery stores in Hiratsuka, like Fuji Super, Kanachu, and Olympic carry a limited selection of foriegn foods. One other alternative is to use the

Foriegn Buyers Club

They carry a lot of merchandise for kids! Children's books, videos & magazines in English. It is an inexpensive source available in Japan...40,000+ Grocery items direct from the U.S. Home delivery anywhere in Japan. The website is in English and Japanese.

Does anyone know of other import shops easily available in/near Hiratsuka?

-- Kevin Sullivan (, May 17, 2001


I like you mate!

-- Kevin Gleave (, October 03, 2001.

aye mate! my distant cousin tim lenz lives in hiratsuka he owns wonderfull little gnome shop on wilson drive, tell him chris sent you and too get huge discount!!, its a small drive u may have to stop at a gas station for directions

-- chris donson (, April 13, 2002.

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