FD 85/1.2L (near new) $875, other FD lenses as well (80-200/4L, 135/2, 100/4 macro)

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Hi all,

One of the secondhand camera dealers I visit has got one of these rare FD 85/1.2L beauties on its shelf recently. I've had a look at it and it is in really nice shape, basically like new aside from some light signs of use externally. They are asking the equivalent of ~$875 USD. I already have one of these lenses, so if anyone is interested, let me know.

By the way the same shop has a whole bunch of other nice FD gear in at the moment, including:

* 80-200/4L ... $395USD, shows moderate signs of wear, and has an insignificant mark on the front glass, hence the LOW PRICE.

* 100/4 MACRO ... $395USD, LIKE NEW, this lens looks really nice.

* 135/2 .... $395USD, EXC, this lens has perfect glass and shows minimal signs of external wear.

* 35-105/3.5 .... $265USD, EXC, this lens looks really nice, aside from some very minor signs of light use

Let me know if interested. email: doctormozz@hotmail.com

Mosaddeque Sydney, Australia

-- Mosaddeque Hossain (doctormozz@hotmail.com), May 17, 2001


First I must admit I didn't buy Microsoft stock when it first came out so take all that follows as a non opportunity knocks view on the FD L series lenses. I believe that L lenses are as a whole overpriced for the average amateur. Let's take that 85mm 1.2L for example. Nice focal length. Aspheric lens that is crisp at 1.2. But who always shoots at 1.2? Not me. So when I saw it in mint condition in Honolulu on offer for $675.00 I was tempted to see if they would let it go for $600. It stayed there a long time because this is a Nikon dealer. I know the lens has a cachet. But it is heavy and maybe too crisp even for portraiture. Ok, the end of the story. I didn't buy. Then I came across a mint 85mm 1.8 for US $125.00. And guess what, I like it a lot and saved big greenbacks. Just decide if you need L glass, not just because it has a reputation is what I am saying. On the other hand, if L glass gets you a fixed aperture in a zoom, that is a whole nother story. My two pesos. Gerry..No implied criticism on you Mr Hossain, I am sure there will be a buyer for L lenses that disagrees and it/they may be a rarity that will command even higher prices next year. But I don't think so. The beauty of FD lenses is bargains you know. One can get a system on the cheap and buy nice tripod heads :-) GS

-- Gerry Siegel (veritas@aloha.com), May 22, 2001.


in my humble opinion those prices for L glass are far from being realistic. I got the 85mm/1.2L in mint condition (including original carton and guarantee card) for about $700 and the 80-200mm/4.0L again in mint condition (plus carton, guarantee card and user's manual; the lens show no sign of wear whatsoever, I reckon it's never been used before) for about $400 on ebay.de. I've often been told that lenses offered on eBay were the most expensive lenses money can buy, well here's evidence to the contrary it would seem.


-- Thorsten Westheider (thorsten.westheider@teleos-web.de), May 22, 2001.

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