DIVX AVI File slighlty too large to burn on 700 cd. What is the best way to make it smaller?

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I downloaded a DIVX Avi movie file that is 720 megs. I would rather burn it to a 700 meg CD than keep it on my hard drive. How can I recompress the file so that it fits on the disk? Which video format to switch to (IF ANY, Or should I keep AVI)? What is the best way to accomplish this? Best software, steps, etc... (My Burner does not have overburn capabilities) Thank you for nay help.

-- Sniper (bestdealer@hotmail.com), May 17, 2001


You will find the answer for most (if not all) of your questions here http://www.flexion.org/home/ Good Luck!

-- phil ngo (philling457@home.com), May 17, 2001.

That's pretty easy. Just use VirtualDub to re-encode this DivX into a new DivX that has a slightly lower bit rate. The new one will be a little smaller and will fit on one CD.

-- ktnwin (ktnwin@excite.com), May 17, 2001.

My choice has been to slightly lower the quality (or increase the compression efficiency) of the audio. Just try re-encoding the audio to get a smaller file size. I use Virutaldub to split the files. Lame to encode to MP3, the nandub to merge the streams. (Nandub handles VBR MP3)...

-- Dave Beer (davebeer@hotmail.com), November 28, 2001.

I used AVIsplitter to - yes u guessed - split the avi in 2 chunks, and burn those on two cd's. No quality loss. Oh - and there are cracks available for avisplitter 1.0, just search a bit.

-- Eddiemaul (bcd@pandora.be), September 24, 2002.

Hi, I have used VirDub on quite a few occassions and have split successfully but some of the files downloaded have a CBR conflict and VirDub will split these but you have no sound or the sound and video does not match up. Have used TMPGEnc to over come some of these problems but it likes to save as a mpeg which makes the file incredibly huge. VirDub suggests to decompress the audio and then recompress it at a different CBR. This l havent mastered as yet. Does anyone have some easy explaining details on how to do this? Is there another program l mght be able to try? I like to split the avi's in to 2 so that l can convert them as VCD's or SVCD's so that l can play them on my DVD player. Also, some people, when they create these movies in a DivX format or rip them from DVD's are not a non standard audio compression, which makes it very difficult indeed to try and split. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

-- Michael (silent_1_97@hotmail.com), January 10, 2003.

Go to this link http://www.dvdrhelp.com/divxtovcd.htm its very good to know how to convert avi dvix to mpeg1 so you con burn it to cds > but the proplem is the size > when i try to split the mpeg1 file to burn it in 2 cds by using avi splitter it split the file but it will not burn on cds it sayes it need to encode > so waht i need is aprogram that can split the avi dvix file the convert the file to mpeg1 >>>> THanks for sharing info >>

-- jadzia_dax99 (multy_prog@hotmail.com), February 27, 2003.

blow me

-- jackass motherfucker (blowme@nowhere.com), June 19, 2004.

i my opnion would be to

1)converet that file to mpeg using TMPGEnc

2)dowloads avi/mpeg/wmv splitter and split that file in to 4 seaction

3)burn 2 files on 1 cd using nero

4)it will take time don't give up



-- zuber (smart_zubair2003@yahoo.com), July 07, 2004.


-- getto tech (rugerp952001@hotmail.net), October 09, 2004.

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