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This discussion thread is for our supervision group discussions

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001


Well, as my name was underlined, I thought I'd better take the plunge and contact you about how we want the group to run. For starters, I think we should all make sure we hit the Reply to Group button every time we send an email about the group - that way we all keep informed of everything. What do people think about the different ways of using the group? I am trying out voice chat at the moment - the current favourite is one called Paltalk. Anyone tried these out or got a microphone or want to try these out? What about using the chat room for a supervision group conference? Or MSN messenger (free with a hotmail address) or AOL (for those on AOL)? What about email supervision - could we do it as a group? Any thoughts? Gill J

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

Hi Gill, Gemma and Jane,

Ideas from Leicester (with a mind that some of the following might have been discussed before)

My experience of supervision has been the 'standard' Relate model which is the only one I have experienced to date.

The process is that I submit brief notes to my supervisor on each 'case' which answer or address these titles:

1. The date of the first session with the client / couple 2. An indication as what the clients want 3. What contract I made with them 4. What are my 'ongoing assessment / theoretical perspectives on the case 5. What key interventions I have made and what were the outcomes of those interventions 6. Are there any factors hindering progress 7. What is my 'emotional' response to the case and the clients 8. And finally, what are my needs in supervision

I submit a standard sheet, with this information on, a week before supervision and then in supervision discuss the cases I want to share, i.e. there is no pressure to discuss all cases just because there is the paperwork for all cases.

We also have 'case Discussion Group' where a group of about 8 counsellors meet roughly every fortnight and discuss cases. In these meetings an agenda of cases is drawn up in the first 5 minutes and then the counsellors who have indicated they want to share a case take it in turns to do so. The chair (who is also the Centre Supervisor) 'keeps time.'

So how might this model fit into online supervision?

For the group:

I think a fortnightly meeting in the web conferencing room with all of us to share might be an idea. I suggest this even though I feel this medium is one that is slow and can be open to misunderstanding

For individual supervision:

An e-mail presentation of the case in a similar format (as above 1 - 8) submitted a week before an agreed web conference meeting between counsellor and supervisor. These meetings would be scheduled for an hour for every 30+ hours (this bit is woolly) of 'client' work taking place.

The above suggestions are thus based on a Relate type model and on the assumption that we stick with the medium that we are familiar with. If Gill, we actively become familiar with 'Paltalk' then maybe both types of suggestion could be worked around online 'talking' to each other remembering that this will be far cheaper than any land-line group discussion. I will have a play with Paltalk this weekend.

I look forward to continuing this discussion with you all and, when we have settled with a model, actually being part of the group

Have lovely Monday.


-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

Gill, Ian, Gemma,

My supervision experience is more like yours Gill, though I have had quite a bit of group experience as well as individual. And for me it does not seem so much like a foreign country as an 'other controlled' country. I suggest as a way forward we all write something about our needs regarding online supervision and that we then develop a way of getting those needs met. I would personally be for trying out any model that someone else in the group has found of value.

By the way did you know that the BACP Code of Ethics etc re- online work will be 'unveiled' at the Sheffield conference? It may have bearing on our supervision group; it may not.

I anticipate difficulty in participating in everything, for technical reasons. Despite meeting 4 potential dog sitters over the last 2 weeks I have still not solved that problem. And I am not online at home in London. If I know well in advance I may be able to organise someone else to walk dogs so I can stay after work. If so the earlier the meeting the better. But this may not suit others.

Regards Jane

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

I am going to suggest we take a space on the Discussion Board for our supervision discussions. I shall paste up there such messages as we have exchanged so far and wonder if we can agree to a day and time to discuss our supervision needs live in the campus chat room? I suggest Tuesday evening or Thursday evening next week, say 7.30 - 8.30?

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

Dear Gill, Jane and Ian I don't know if you all recieved my e-mail re-supervision but here are my thoughts. I have never experienced any supervision in the formal manner that Ian described or worked to any specific model. Therefore I'm quite happy with just seeing what happens.

I think a meeting in the chat room would be a good starting point and then supervision in the form of e-mail. I haven't quite got my head around AOL instant messanger etc. I'm sure I am making it more complicated than is needed.


-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

It looks as though we may all be able to meet up for a chat online in the conference room on Tuesday next week May 29th 7.0 - 8.0 pm. I shall not be around until about 7.30 pm. due to a re-arrangement of my schedule. Hope that is all right. Gill

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2001

I hope we can all make it on that Tuesday evening as I feel supervision might be slipping by me as to how it might progress within the group and for 'real' when clients start contacting us for 'proper'. Maybe this is just my stuff and trying on a new look / approach to supervision that is not Relate style and will thus take a little getting used to.

-- Anonymous, May 25, 2001


I now have a regular Monday evening dog walker. Is this a possible evening for us all to use the chat room.

Regards Jane

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2001

Subject: Re: OLT5 from Hilda Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2001 16:23:06 +0100 From: Jane Hallett Organization: The London Institute To: Hilda Hughes References: 1

Dear Hilda,

I am very glad to receive your email today July 9th as I have not received your email of June 24th. The last email I received from you was June 20th and I replied on June 22nd. I have been thinking a lot about not hearing from you. And I asked myself whether your no longer wishing to work with me explained what I thought was your silence. I am very willing to continue working together if you are getting what you need and want. Your writing "it doesn't seem to be working very well does it?" leads me to wonder if you are unhappy with our contact (other than this long gap). If so I hope you feel able to tell me what you have disliked and what would improve things for you.

This situation Hilda, and please accept my apologies for it though I do not understand how it came about, leads me to realise that OLT and I need a procedure to cover this eventuality. If you do want to continue working with me I suggest, if you are agreable, that I contact you after 7 days if there should once more be no contact. What do you think? If you want to continue now may I suggest you copy your email of June 24th to me. Another way of our overcoming the problem would be for me to send an acknowledgement of receipt to you as soon as I do receive an email with the reply coming within the 72 hours. Should you receive no acknowledgement you will know I have not received the email. Which would you prefer?

I find it difficult to find the words to express how frustrated and sorry I am that you have been 'left' for all this time wondering if I had received the email, imagining I did not wish to work with you etc. You do not need this additional stress. The situation you have described to me so far is stressful enough. Again I am sorry and I believe acting on one of the two suggestions I have made will prevent any recurrance. Let me know what you want.

Best wishes Jane

Hilda Hughes wrote:

> Dear Jane, Did you get my email written to you on the 24th June. I am > surprised not to have received a reply by now, as you said 72 hours. > Perhaps you don't want to carry on with me, as it doesn't seem to be working > very well does it? Hilda > ______________________________________________________________________ ___ > Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at

-- Anonymous, July 11, 2001

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