I need to know what Poe's writing techniques for horror

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I am writing a term paper for Dean Koontz, and I have to compare Koontz's writing techniques for playing on horror with Poe's writing techniques, and I need supporting comments. If you could help, I would really appreciate it.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001


Ugh. You have my sympathies but I can see some connection. Koontz often starts out with the same apprehension of vague dread mysteries, suggestive and building slowly. There is an element of detective mystery and its effect on the sensitive main character. The apprehension of something supernatural or shockingly bizarre goes on FOR A FULL LENGTH NOVEL with much the same terrible result as it did for Poe in his only novel The Narrative of A. Gordon Pym.

Worse yet, as in the most diappointing andings of Poe's stories this fever pitch is let down by a very ordinary denouement that sinks us back into the normal world feeling thoroughly cheated by the effort. At least Pym leaves us hanging on the verge of the most climactic and unexplainable mystery of all.

People tell me(I couldn't read or listen to his books very long) that all his books follow this path. You have to check it for yourself.

As to workmanship, perhaps Koontz is equally less concerned about good characterization, but there is no comparison at all with the highly literate and ingenius style of Poe. Verdict: one of many puffed up imitators without much quality, but a lot of quantity that pays well. Perhaps the greatest mystery of all.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

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