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I have a Panasonic DVD-RV65 Player. The User Guide says the player supports the playing of DVD's, VCD's and Audio CD's.

However, the guide also says it does not support CD-R and CD-RW.

I've tried to create a VCD with my CD-Burner on CD-R media. The player won't play it. I'm assuming because I'm using CD-R media.

So I'm wondering if there is a VCD media that I can burn that this player can play? Does anyone know what the difference is between a VCD and a VCD on CD-R?

-- Chris Rizzo (, May 15, 2001


I saw this working randomly, but it's worth a try.

Burn your VCD using a CD-RW (not CD-R) be sure to burn it at 1x. Cross you fingers and try it.

As I told you, I saw a burned VCD playing in an friend's old JVC player that supposedly didn't support CD-RW. About 30% of my friend's vcd worked.

Finally he changed his player.


Luis Gomez

-- Luis Gomez (, May 16, 2001.

And that's exactly what is going to happen to your as well: finally, ultimately, you will change your player.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 17, 2001.

Hi Chris, The short answer is that some manufacturers are too cheap to put a 2nd laser in the DVD player to support CD-R media. CD-R media reflects at a different wave length than commercial DVDs and VCDS and you need a special laser to read it. CD-RW discs reflect at a wave close close to but not exactly equal to that of commercial DVD and VCD discs. Some players, like Sony, will happily accept CD-RW discs. There is some difference in media though. I know that CD-R discs have different types of dye and the type of dye used makes a big difference. Sony DVD players, which do not support CD-R and support most CD-RW unofficially, have been reported to do OK with Prime Peripherals brand of CD-R. I know that here in the USA, you can buy Prime Peripherals at Office Max. I see "ws" in your address - is that Wales? If so, I don't know if you have Office Max in the UK but perhaps some other source near you might sell Prime Peripherals. No guarantee that they'll work with your DVD player though, but you might give it a shot. Sony's laser is a bit more flexible in the wavelength it will read. If your Panasonic is more rigid, you won't have much luck. This is really simplified, but if you look at the back of a commercial disc (DVD, CD, VCD) you'll see it looks silver. CD-RWs also look silver. CD-Rs do not. It makes a big difference to the laser beam on a DVD player.

-- Jason Shumate (, May 18, 2001.

I just purchased a Panasonic DVDLA-85 and converted a small portion of an *.avi movie to *.mpeg - then used Easy CD Creator to burn the movie to a CD-R. It did work with this particular player. I was simply curious as to whether it could be done. But, I'm sure there's an easier way to accomplish the process. It would take quite a while to convert and avi to mpeg and burn to VCD using this process.

-- Mike Lamonds (, May 19, 2001.

I dont know if this will help you in what you are doing but pinnacle express is a new program that will be out very shortly that will allow you to make dvd files on a regular cd/rw......check it out at there home site....not sure what the url is....but I did see the write up on this program...they also make pinnacle video studio a real nice vd editor...

-- ray joseph (, May 19, 2001.

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