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DMV Plans to Get Into Fingerprint Business

The Department of Motor Vehicles is taking a major step to help prevent identity theft. A bill currently in the Assembly would give the agency approval to start a fingerprint database, which would help prevent false I.D.s from being issued.

Supporters of the bill say I.D. theft is a major concern for D.M.V., because driver's licenses are the identification of choice for crooks. "If people are able to get a drivers license with someone else's I.D., it's a great way to open up accounts and create mischief," said Assemblymam Paul Koretz (D-West Hollywood.

Drivers would pay for the new database with a fee hike. The charge for driver's license renewal would go up by about a dollar.

The bill passed the Assembly Transportation Committee Monday. It now goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Story posted May 15, 2001 - 7:03 am

-- Martin Thompson (, May 15, 2001

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