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There appears to be a number of different procedures and devices utilized as joint replacements. Some of them appear to be less envasive than others. Am I correct in my observation? If correct what are the advantages/disadvantages of each? Is one method/device preferred over others? Also if there are different joint replacement devices, who designs them? Are they approved by some agency?

-- Phil Comeau (, May 15, 2001


For arthritis of the knee the most common replacement is a total knee replacement. This replaces the bone and worn cartilage in all parts of the knee. These certainly have the longest track record and the best results. Only parts of the knee jointcan be replaced, but this depends on the extent of the arthritis in the knee. These can be done with a smaller incision. These are called uni-compartmental knee replacements and there are few people who are candidates for them. SO which one is used depends on the individual patient.

All devices are approved by the FDA. There are a number of devices (prostheses)and designers. People have strong opinions as to why one is better than the other, and most surgeons are more comofortable with particular prostheses. The most important thing is you find a skilled surgeon who uses the device that he/she is most comfortable with.

-- Paul Khanuja (, June 20, 2001.

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