why does BM cost so much bank!?!?!?

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why does BM cost so much bank!?!?!? I send in a check for $125 the saturday I was supposed to. Not only do I not have any ticket, but no kind of confimation. My check remains uncashed. But more importantly, now I will have to buy new tickets at $185 each or more due to their bad management. Why is this so? It really sucks. This will be my 3rd year at BM.

But here is the main question. Why does burning man need


(I got this by taking the avg. price ticket and multipling it by the #of people last year. 163x25000)

to run this event. I know that they pay a lot for the permit, and many other things, but can no way be near 3 million. Why so much? How much are the concept people making. The owners if you will.

These high prices don't tempt me to pay or not go, but to sneek in or cheat the system in some way. It is starting to get lame when you feel left behind in the ticket line. I am just a colloge student. I have no money.


-- entrance (none for u@avuv.org), May 15, 2001


I can believe that it is in jepordy due to the toilet situation, and that sucks. It is amazing to me the lack of respect people have. BOO!

Help keep BM alive - Pack out What you BRING IN! Minus the poopies lol.

-- Michelle (TitaniumSwirl@hotmail.com), April 06, 2003.

I was wondering about this myself. I imagine insurance, and all the burning man employees (who work year round) - Again the porta potties and all that good stuff - And don't forget about paying off the cops! I'd love to see where all the money goes - just curious. e

-- Elizabeth (elizc@hotmail.com), October 16, 2001.

I don't know where all of the money goes but I know the largest chunks go to the permit, medical, fire, police, insurance, and porta- potty services which BM LLC is required to have. Without any of these keys Burningman could not happen.

On a side note: if you are going - don't dump anything in the porta- pottys except what has come out of your body. BM is in jeapordy from people using the porta-pottys as garbage cans instead of sanitation cans. No Porta-potty service, no Burningman.

-- Cruize Control Sallie (cruizecontrolsallie@yahoo.com), August 17, 2001.

I don't have any answers to this question since I don't run the burning man festival, but I also would like a more detailed explanation of what exactely(underline) the money is spent on or who it goes to.

If this gathering claims to uphold sharing and self-reliant social organization of people by the people themselves, then let's hope that the money is not being pocketed by any exclusive group of head- honchos.

I do not want to accuse anyone so much as raise these very difficult questions. How can you run a non-capitalist anything within this capitalist system? Everybody's got to make some money right? aaaahhh :P

go in peace,


-- Scott Howard (howardsg@whitman.edu), June 09, 2001.

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