Misconceptions of Poe

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What were some misconceptions that were made of Poe by Rufus Griswold and what motivated Griswold for his actions?

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001


Try this www.eapoe/geninfo/poegrisw.htm at the Eadgar Allan Society of Baltimore site. This gives a good history of the relationship between poe and Griswold, two rivals intent on influencing the literary scene. Griswold in short magnified or misinterpreted details in Poe's life to create slanders with a grain of truth. Always hard to defend against that kind of character assasination. First anonymously in an obituary signed "Ludwig" then in prefaces and articles providing the only real biography of poe for twenty-five years. Somehow, even today too many easily assume that Poe was a wild and perpetual drunkard and dope addict of low and dark moral character, unless you read a good biography. However you look at it the attack was motivated by deep spite and revenge and enlisted Poe's many enemies in the northern literary circles whom he had fearlessly criticized.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

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