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It's Back on Track

If you did not notice, A.M.E, Today has been stalled for a few weeks. If you didn't notice, it must mean you either are not a regular or the material that was kept fresh just was not compelling enough to make a difference.

The reason for the stall was three-fold, almost like our traditional Amen at the close of service.

All of the above issues now have been erased by God's miraculous intervention. God is good, and I hear you saying, "All the Time."

So with no further immediate distractions, A.M.E. Today is preparing to go through a little cosmetic face-lifting and a lot of new material.

This week will be the start of the my Annual Conference, the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the First Episcopal District, so I will be bringing you some word from there. And Lord willing, I hope to travel later this summer to the Council of Bishops so A.M.E. Today can get the news from there as it happens.

I thank all of you for your continued prayers, especially in regards to the health of my wife and help mate Jan, she is well on the road to recovery thanks in no small part to the power of your prayer.

And please keep me and this ministry in prayer as we go through our Annual Conference. I hope to share much more of it with you shortly.

God bless and keep you all and thanks for keep things alive down here in discussion until the top level was brought back to life again.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001


Pastor John it is great to hear the wonderful things happening for you and sister Jan. Praise God for her continued recovery. Please give her my love. AME TODAY is a ministry and like all ministries it is only successful with Christ at the helm and faithful followers. God uses your ministry in ways that you are not even aware. But because of your love for Christ, christians around the world can communicate and be encouraged to continue the work of the lord. Pastor John it is all of us who read AME TODAY that say thank you. And rest assured that when you take time off for personal matters, we will keep Bill Dickens in check;-) QED

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001

Rev. John:

What can I say? I will strive to remain in "check" by the matriarchal forces represented by the likes of Rev. Denise, Brenda Sutton and Barabara Robinson. Oh well, it's so hot in my neck of the woods I might wear a pair of short pants to the office tomorrow. Then again perhaps a trip to one of FL's world class beaches may be in order. Ahh, Denise would you like me to send you a postcard? :-) QED

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001

I know Pastor John is laughing at us! But Bill I do not envey you in florida. For that loud swoosh noise you hear every day is the mass exodus of floridians coming to Montana for relief from the humidity. Montana is called "God's country" for a reason. Yesterday it was sunny, 84 degrees and 20 percent humidity!!! Oh, would you like a post card, let's see, should I send a card from Yellowstone National Park, Glacier Park, forests, Indian Pow- Wow's white water rafting, Rocky Mountains, sapphire mines, cowboys, buffalo's. Gee there is so much. Did I mention that we do not have all that humidity!! By the way I am sure the reason you have been BLESSED with such wonderful strong sisters, Brenda, Barbara and myself, is probably because Jerryl Payne was praying for help to keep you in check! I am so glad that Pastor John has a daily family reunion on the internet.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

Roll call...Welcome back Brother John.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

Welcome back Rev John. Your daily writings have been missed. I am so thankful that your wife Jan is feeling better.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

Thank you Dr. Fisher for providing a site for all the sons and daughters of Allen to come and visit. The site has been more than just an AME site. The different links and the discussion board make it a site for everyone. The official AME site should take note of the grand work that has been done on AME Today. The story you told of your recent trials is so familiar to so many of us. We understand and thank God for your ministry and hope that you will continue to lead us on this internet road. May God watch over you and your family. Good luck at the annual conference. DR

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

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