Hargill Fundraiser SUCCESS!

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Hi there to all Hargillians within city, state, country limits and beyond! This is Priscilla Linton, Philip and Pat Linton's daughter (you know, the ones that own the store right smack in the middle of town) or for those of you who would rather follow the family tree, I end up being Faustino Davila's granddaughter, Leopoldo Dominguez's great-granddaughter, or even closer, Ray Dell and Chavela McClaughtery's niece (that was a load!)! We just had a huge fundraiser for Hargill's Valle de la Paz Cemetery and it was a success! Folks here at P&L Service banded together and sold Brisket and sausage with the trimmings on May 5th, 2001 and we made $400!!!!!!! We didn't expect to sell more than 70 plates, but we doubled that number! This fundraiser is to help pay for any expenses, maintenance or otherwise, incurred by the cemetery. I would love to send you pictures, but we couldn't get away from serving for long enough! The natives were getting restless! I'd like to name the following people and give a huge thanks and round of applause for their donations of money and/or time: Mr. Philip and Mrs. Patricia Linton, Mr. Plutarco Garza Jr., Mr. Pedro Garza, Mr. Rene Martinez, Ms. Maria A. Davila, Mrs. San Juana Ramos-Nino, and the whole crew at P&L Service who volunteered their Saturday morning to prepare, serve, and sell plates all the while attending customers! Also, a big THANK YOU to all who bought a plate! I'm glad you were satisfied! Working together, Hargill will advance!

-- Priscilla Ann Linton (pilalinton@hotmail.com), May 14, 2001

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