!!????!? MS FOUND IN A BOTTLE???!?!

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HI THERE! have to write an essay on ms found... can someone who knows please tell me where i can find any kind of information on this stuff? thanx marika

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001


Poe decoder or the articles on www.eapoe.com on dark romanticism? The connection between other vortex cataclysms(Maelstrom, Eureka, Moby Dick). The sea adventure(Rime of the Ancient mariner). The theory of the hole at the poles(seriously propounded at that time) where the seas go in one end and out the other through the hollow earth. The ghost ship versus the analytical realism of the moody writer. The highly literate style and references fleshing out a typical supernatural+ sea adventure yarn. The first person dark romantic hero. The unity of rising mood that unifies the singular shock horror effect of the story. See Poe's "The Philosopy of Composition" www/eapoe.org.

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

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